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FELECIA KILLINGS: Building Legacies

Navigating the dynamic convergence of coaching, authorship, and leadership, Felecia Killings distinguishes herself as an individual who profoundly embodies the essence of success. More than just a narrative of professional achievements, Felecia’s journey unfolds as an odyssey, exploring the realms of self-discovery, resilience, and leadership.


Felecia is an award-winning coach, best-selling author, and CEO of The Felecia Killings Foundation. Since 2011, she has been training men and women to build online businesses, virtual ministries, and political platforms using their powerful stories. She is the principal coach of The Write Conservative Book Publishing School and the author of the bestselling compilation, The Conscious Conservative Book Collection, offered exclusively at The Felecia Killings Foundation. Felecia specializes in helping rising leaders tell their hard stories, package their expertise in book format, and become a national powerhouse in the social, political, and economic spaces using Biblical principles.


An ordained minister, philanthropist, and motivational speaker, Felecia brings a diverse range of experiences to her endeavors. She is the principal coach of My Beloved Women’s Virtual Ministry, the host of The Conscious Conservative Podcast, and the principal blogger for Build Your Thought Leadership Blog Series.


In the following pages, we explore Felecia’s upbringing, the program her foundation offers, and the life-changing event that marked the beginning of a harrowing journey through a maze of accusations and shattered dreams. It is this journey that would redefine Felecia’s life in unexpected ways.



Raised in an environment where faith was not just a set of beliefs but a way of life, Felecia navigated the intricacies of adolescence under the guiding principles of Christianity.


“I was raised in a deeply religious household with both of my biological parents serving as pastors throughout most of my upbringing. It was of utmost importance to them that their children were brought up with a strong connection to the Lord.


“As a child, I found myself captivated by the diverse narratives in the Bible. My unwavering belief in the reality of God was established early on, and I sense that the innocent and pure relationship I had with Him as a young girl continues to safeguard and guide me into adulthood.


“Though I acknowledge my imperfections, I aspire towards perfection, recognizing that the Christ within me can make all things achievable. Even when confronted with adversity, persecution, abuse, or mistreatment, I find solace in the knowledge that God is ever-present, ready to supply exactly what I require. He is my Everything.” 


“My life has always been centered on empowering people through education and spiritual development. I studied English in college so I could master the art of writing and speaking. I then brought this same might to my students when I worked as a high school teacher.


“I excelled in the education industry because I was born to do it. Despite my impeccable career and exceptional work in transforming my students’ lives, I encountered an obstacle that nearly broke me. In 2010, I was arrested on charges of raping my students. What most people don’t know and what too many teachers are afraid to share is that in the educational world, false allegations, sexual harassment, violent assault, and hostile work environments are a norm in the system. It’s not coming from teachers against students, but rather the opposite. My experience was no different.


“In 2013, after battling this criminal matter for three years, my case was eventually dismissed and my name cleared, but not before the entire situation destroyed me financially, mentally, and physically. On January 1, 2020, I released my story to the public in a book, To My Beloveds: A Memoir of My Personal Comeback in the Aftermath of My Scandalous Story.


“After my case was settled, I was legally free to pursue life and reclaim my teaching career, but the entire situation broke my spirit. From 2010-2017, I went through seasons of depression, extreme anger and bitterness, isolation, and fear. The confidence I once had prior to 2010 was shot and it wasn’t until I became fully dependent and intimately acquainted with the Spirit of God that my mind was renewed, and my perception of my experience changed.

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