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Join one of our book clubs or start a VBD Book Club

VBD Book Club is an extra-curricular activity for students and a literary group for church members. Our book clubs connect avid readers of inspirational and personal and professional development books. Our community of readers across the world share their thoughts and ideas through reading, book discussions, chats with authors, and much more.


Purpose of book clubs:

  • To promote literacy among adolescents and adults.

  • To support lifelong learning

  • To provide an engaging forum for readers.


Membership Categories

  • Middle Schools/Junior High Schools 

  • High Schools 

  • Churches

Email for more information about joining or starting a VBD book club.

A Place For My Heart by Ann Marie Bryan
Hearts Over the Line
Dream AgainV1.jpg
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Bestsellers with Reading Group Guides

International AVID Reader Award

This is an annual sponsored literary celebration of readers to be held as an official function at a venue to be announced. Towards the end of each school year, each book club will nominate and select members for awards to be submitted to VBD’s Management Committee for prizes.

Book club members, parents, teachers, students, and church members, assemble to award and honor winners. First, second, and third place winners will be awarded, and certificates of merit will be handed to all top nominees. Spot prizes will also be awarded.

Email for more information about our International AVID Reader Award competition.


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