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Self-image is a product of learning and is therefore evolutionary. The way we see ourselves affects how we feel and how we interact with others, personally and professionally. Maintaining a positive self-image is essential to helping us recognize our potentials while being realistic about limitations. Importantly, a positive self-image effectively boost our mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical well-being. On the other hand, fostering a negative self-image promotes focus on faults, failures, weaknesses, and imperfections; ultimately, decreasing our chances for success and self-actualization. 

VBD Mission

At VBD, we work to improve the personal or professional image of our clients by evaluating, enhancing, and upgrading appearance, behavior, and communication skills, to align image with personal or professional goals. We offer one-on-one or virtual image consultation sessions for the ambitious and victorious woman, man, and child. Look out for our empowerment forums and our annual Victorious You conference.

The Victorious Woman

The victorious woman is confident in mind and body, but the female body can experience changes at different stages in life, and these changes can impact confidence and progress. VBD offers programs that can help change the way women think, feel, and react to body changes, and adjust their personal and professional image to gain and maintain success.  Book a virtual one-on-one session today and look out for our Women Empowerment forums.

Beautiful Girl with Afro
Confident Businessman

Men can experience issues which impact their image, self-perceptions, and ability to realize true potential. VBD offers professional image consulting services for intelligent men who want to display leadership skills and command respect. Book a one-on-one session today and look out for our Leading Men forums.

The Victorious Man

The Victorious Child 

Fostering a positive self-image in our children is essential to the way they see themselves. Let us help you set a solid foundation for your young ones through our image consultancy program for children and teens. Our programs are designed to build an image of confidence and self-esteem that help them become high achievers in school and work.



The cost for your Victorious You Coaching depends on your requirements. A quotation will be provided following our discussion. For more information about our coaching programs, rates, and availability, email us at

Become the best you

You Are Victorious By Design


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