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Our editing services are designed to meet the goals of any writer. We offer information and expert advice to help you at any stage of book/article development. Editing services are available only for the following:


  • Articles

  • Blog Posts

  • Business/Leadership Stories

  • Commemorative Stories

  • Fiction (Inspirational)

  • Humanitarian Stories

  • Magazines

  • Memoirs

  • Nonfiction

  • Self-Help

  • Speeches for All Occasions

Our Editing Services


This does not include research, writing original material, creating tables, obtaining pictures and permission releases, indexing, and the checking of facts, citation, sources, quotations, and references.


Developmental Editing


This includes an in-depth review of the content and structure of your manuscript/document. In addition, this service involves reorganizing your manuscript/document, rewriting for clarity, assessment of characterizations and point of view, identifying gaps, improving flow, and suggesting insertions and deletions.



Copyediting helps to improve your writing style, flow, and accuracy of content. In addition, this service covers eliminating wordiness, improvement in the choice of words and sentence construction, tracing the plot, and addressing any inconsistencies in the plot, settings, and character traits. This service also ensures that the text is accurate in terms of punctuation, grammar, spelling, jargon, and terminology.




This is a systematic assessment of your manuscript/document to make it more compelling and inspiring. This service addresses the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript/document.  We review your plot, pacing, settings, content and style; examine character trait and development, dialogue, and choice of language.



This includes the detection and correction of grammatical errors in the manuscript/document, for example typographical and punctuation errors, missing words, subject-verb disagreement, incorrect use of words and misspellings. Note: If your writing project is ready to be proofread, that means it has already been edited. Proofreading is the final stage of editing.

​Magazine Editing


This includes reading, correcting and developing content for your publication per the stated guidelines. In addition, we verify information in the submissions and ensure that they stay on point, while keeping your target audience in mind. We will help you bring fresh, relevant, innovative articles to your publication. Importantly, we help you to decide if the article should move to the publishing phase.

Editing Submission Guidelines


Click to read our submission guidelines before requesting your editorial service.



The specific terms of each project are outlined in the editing contract. Email request to An editing coordinator will connect with you to discuss your project. We will assess your needs and customize a package for you.



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