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Ann Marie Bryan


Ann Marie Bryan is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and writing consultant, with more than a decade of experience providing top-notch literary services and innovative personal and professional development solutions to clients. As CEO of Victorious By Design, she uses her extensive knowledge and experience in human resources, information technology, banking, and writing to bring a well-rounded perspective when working with clients.

Paula Hamilton.jpg

Paula Hamilton

Managing Editor

Paula Hamilton is a Human Resources Professional with over 20 years of expertise in Benefits Administration. She is an Entrepreneur, Writer, and Copy Editor. She is enthusiastic about the work she does, has a passion for excellence, and has a gift of budgeting and organizing. Paula also operates as the HR Administrator for Victorious By Design. 

Beverlyn Johnson Wilks.jpg

Beverlyn Johnson Wilks

Creative Director

Beverlyn Johnson Wilks is the Creative Director for VBD Magazine. Over the past thirty years, she worked first as a Registered Nurse and subsequently entered the area of Nursing Management in the healthcare industry. Today, she can be found working on various activities relating to her passion for interior decorating and event planning.

Icylin Morgan.jpg

Icylin Morgan

Features Editor

Icylin Morgan is an educator who has held many positions in the education system including master teacher, guidance counselor, and principal. She gained a Bachelor of Education degree from Western Carolina University and a Master's in Education in School Counseling from Florida A&M University. She is involved in several projects and church activities in her community.

Henritta Stewart.jpg

Dr. Henritta Stewart

Contributing Editor

Dr. Henritta Stewart has over 40 years of experience working as an educator. She has served in numerous roles in the education system including, principal and lecturer and has a passion for teaching Mathematics.  She earned her Bachelors of Education degree at the University of the West Indies, Masters of Science degree in Administration & Supervision, and a doctorate in Education Leadership from Florida A&M University.  

Sardia Jennings.jpg

Sardia J. Jennings

Features Writer

Sardia J. Jennings graduated from Auburn University in Alabama, where she successfully earned her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She worked as a cardiac nurse for several years before her career took a turn when she transitioned into the healthcare industry as an application analyst, utilizing her expertise in both nursing and technology. Sardia shares her passion for writing by serving as a Features Writer for VBD Magazine.

Kerry-Ann McPherson.jpg

Kerry-Ann McPherson

Features Writer

Kerry-Ann McPherson is a Christian leader and administrator with a passion for growth. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, being in nature, and embracing the arts, especially music and literature. She writes monthly articles on LinkedIn for empathetic leaders, providing advice and tips for transforming professional relationships. Kerry-Ann joins the team as a Features Writer for VBD Magazine.

Shanita Rowsey.jpg

Shanita Rowsey

Features Writer

Shanita Rowsey is an author, speaker, and Personal Development Coach. She is the founder of Girl, Cultivate Movement, where she helps women gain clarity and confidence to create a life of wholeness. Shanita is the host of Girl, Cultivate Podcast where she provides practical tips for life, purpose, and personal growth. Shanita serves as a Features Writer for VBD Magazine.

VBD Magazine - Dr. Velma Bagby.jpeg

Dr. Velma Bagby

Contributing Writer

Dr. Velma Bagby is the CEO of Adoni Publishing LLC, an award-winning Author of Christian fiction/creative nonfiction, and co-author with her granddaughter on her children’s books. She is also a Christian dating-relationship coach, ordained minister (Th.D.), and speaker. God is at the forefront of everything she does in ministry, writing, and serving others.

Waletta Mason Dunn.jpeg

W. Mason Dunn  

Contributing Writer

Waletta Mason Dunn is an author, publisher, and writing consultant. She is the author of five Christian fiction novels and several journals. The breadth of her personal and professional experiences has contributed enormously to her fascinatingly inspirational writings. Waletta uses wisdom gained in the trenches as the foundation for her writing and consulting ministry.

Ramona Powell Dennis.jpg

Ramona Powell Dennis

Contributing Writer

Ramona Powell Dennis is an author, teacher, and inspirational speaker. She has used her upbringing in a Christian home to help channel her love for Christ and her desire to be an inspiration to all.  She loves sharing her life experiences to show that no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome and prevail.

VBD Magazine - Danyelle Scroggins.jpg

Danyelle Scroggins

Contributing Writer

Danyelle Scroggins is the senior pastor of New Vessels Ministries North in Shreveport, Louisiana, and chaplain at Ochsner LSU Health Center, Louisiana’s trauma one health center. She owns Divinely Sown Publishing LLC, a company that specializes in the publication of books divinely sown into the hearts of writers. Danyelle is the author of both Christian fiction and non-fiction books.

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