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"Praise Him with the timbrel and dance; Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!" Psalm 151:4 (NKJV)

The founder of Victorious By Design has been gifted with the spirit of excellence, passion for purpose, and living a healthy and balanced life.  At VBD, we emulate these core values and aim to share them with others, using the art of dance as a vehicle.  We offer health and wellness dance programs, theoretical and practical dance workshops, as well as dance production, dance administration services, and dance consultation.  

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Health and Wellness

Dance is one of those magical mysteries that not only provide enjoyment but has rewarding health and wellness benefits to accomplish the holistic and victorious you. Dancing is known to boost memory, increase positive energy, reduce stress, diminish depression, regulate cardiovascular functions, improve flexibility, and manage weight. Additionally, it helps with our overall image, poise, and grace, while improving our interpersonal connections and confidence. Connect with VBD's dance programs and keep up to date with our dance health and wellness tips.

Dance Workshops

Select from our tailor-made workshops, designed for the accomplished and victorious dancer, dance ministry or dance group:

  • Introduction to dancing and performance

  • Creative Techniques for the dynamic dancer 

  • Artistry and  the Anointing

Break Dance Crew

Dance Productions

Dance as an artform tends to leave its mark on our soul. A successful dance production invariably captivates its audience, leaving a visual, emotional, entertaining, and even a kinesthetically exciting feeling. To guarantee you victorious and captivating presentations, VBD offers full productions from local and international talent, as well as the following specialized services in production planning:

  • Artistic Direction & Creative Concepts

  • Guest Choreography

  • Stage Management

Dance Performance

 Dance Administration Services

Effective administration is essential for the proper functioning of your dance ministry, studio or group. While you focus on the teaching and development of your students, let VBD assist you with the administrative headaches and organize your business. We will handle:

  • Development and scripting of your mission, vision, values, policies, operating procedures, and charters for management committees. 

  • Training & activities schedules.

  • Management of student registration and attendance records. 

  • Communication to parents and dance writing for media or public relations.

  • Job descriptions for instructors, staff, and management team.

Dance Class

 Praise/Liturgical Dance Classes

Are you a group looking a praise/liturgical dance instructor? Let us come to you. We teach praise dance classes for all ages (5 years to adult) in a fun and non-competitive environment. We hone the skills of our students through a variety of artistic experiences, while honoring their uniqueness. Our exciting dance programs will help participants grow in self-esteem, self-discipline, self-awareness and self-confidence as they develop their dance techniques.


Learn more: Praise/Liturgical Dance Classes

Group of Dancers

 Praise Dance Consulting Services

We offer praise dance consulting services to new and existing praise dance ministries by providing education, training and other resources to help dance ministers refine their talents. We provide participants with enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced dance instructors who are passionate about the art of dance and the opportunity to develop each student’s dance techniques.


Learn more: Praise Dance Consulting Service

Dance Class

 Dances For Special Occasions

Celebrate your special occasion with a dance. Let us help you make an unforgettable impression for your event. We will help make your special occasion even more memorable. We offer customized packages to suit your needs.  Thrill the crowd and have fun along the way!

  • Wedding

  • Anniversary

  • Corporate Event

  • Others special occasions


Learn more: Dances For Special Occasions

Wedding Dance


The cost for dance training will depend on the program selected and your requirements. A quotation will be provided following our discussion. For more information about our personal development training programs, rates and availability, email us at

Let's dance

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