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Life is about making a series of choices.  Let us help you harness your capabilities as you focus on your personal development. Your personal development training will include activities that will improve and enhance the quality of your life.  We will help you identity and develop talents that will contribute to the achievement of your goals and aspirations.  Our focus will include but not limited to the goals for your career, education, spirituality, finance, health, relationships and general self-improvement.


Our trainers are available to give you a variety of dynamic and transformational workshops, courses, seminars and retreats.

To energizing individuals, we offer:

  • Developing Self-Discipline

  • Dealing with Change

  • Know Who You Are

  • Living a Purpose Driven Life

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Personal Development Planning

  • Self Confidence

  • Self-Image

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Single & Unashamed

  • The Virtuous Woman

  • I Am Married, Now What?

  • Need customized training - Let us know


For authors and aspiring authors:

  • How to Write a Novel

  • Book Promotion Strategies

  • Blogging 101

  • Establishing Your Author Platform

  • Finding Your Writing Voice

  • Self-Publishing Tips

Request & Payment for Personal Development Programs

The cost for personal development training will depend on the program selected and your requirements. A quotation will be provided following our discussion. For more information about our personal development training programs, rates and availability, email us at

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