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Standard Policies for Manuscript Submission















Important Details

  • We reserve the right to refuse submissions.

  • Do not submit your manuscript until we reach an agreement and payment is made.

  • We only edit manuscripts that are covered under our editorial contracts.

  • We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

  • We only accept submissions for original works.

  • We accept electronic copies of manuscripts. However, your project editor may require you to submit a hard copy of your book.

  • Unrequested manuscripts which are sent to us via email or postal mail will not be returned. Further, Victorious By Design, LLC will not be responsible for the loss or damage to your manuscripts or submissions.


Submission Checklist


Your manuscript

  • Must be in Microsoft Word format

  • Paper Size: Letter size sheet (8.5 x 11 inches)
  • Font: Times New Roman

  • Font Size: 12-point

  • Margins: One inch

  • Alignment: Justified

  • Spacing: Single Spacing

  • Add page numbers.

  • Add a page break at the end of each chapter

  • Chapter headings should be uniform


Include the following pages along with your manuscript (Use if applicable)

  • Title

  • Copyright

  • Introduction

  • Body of manuscript

  • Dedication

  • Acknowledgments

  • Author’s Bio

  • Back cover description

  • Author contact information


Emailing your manuscript

  • Password protect your manuscript before emailing it to us.

  • Add your manuscript as an attachment to the email.

  • Include additional instruction, if necessary, in the body of your email.

  • Submit your manuscript by email to

  • We will let you know how to send us the password.


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Editorial services are available only for the following genres:


  • Business Stories

  • Commemorative Stories

  • Fiction (Inspirational)

  • Humanitarian Stories

  • Memoirs

  • Nonfiction (Inspirational)

  • Speeches for All Occasions