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Dr. Leketa Hawkins

Financial Literacy & Business Coach

Achieving financial security can feel like an insurmountable challenge. However, Dr. Leketa Hawkins, a financial literacy and business coach, is on a mission to change that narrative. Dr. Hawkins was born and raised in Columbus County, NC, and is a graduate of Whiteville High School. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry along with a Master of Healthcare Administration from Winston Salem State University. She also holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Trinity International University of Ambassadors. Dr. Hawkins is internationally recognized as the “Pocketbook Strategist”, where she focuses on her passion and purpose as a certified financial literacy and business coach.


Adding to her impactful roles, Dr. Hawkins is a two-time Amazon #1 bestselling author. She has also been featured on the Business Innovators Podcast and news outlets such as NBC affiliate stations. In addition, she is a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award recipient from the Biden-Harris Administration. Balancing her professional achievements, Dr. Hawkins finds joy in spending quality time with family and friends. She is married to Cameron Hawkins, and they reside in the Greater Triangle area.


In our interview, Dr. Hawkins shares her journey through the world of finance, her passion for empowering others, and essential tips for building a solid financial foundation. Dr. Hawkins’ unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and communities underscores the transformative power of financial literacy.


Through her company, HawCLeigh, LLC, Dr. Hawkins offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of her clients. From personalized financial planning to debt management programs and educational workshops, her mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to take control of their financial futures.


Reflecting on the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, Dr. Hawkins shares, “With hindsight, I would focus more on digital marketing, seek mentorship earlier, and invest more in technology to streamline operations. My mission at the start of developing my company was to solve money problems and provide basic financial literacy education to those in need. Over time, my priorities have remained steadfast.”


When asked about her passion for helping others create financial security, Dr. Hawkins speaks from the heart. “My passion stems from personal experiences with financial hardship and the recognition of the widespread need for financial literacy. I want to see individuals and communities thrive economically.”



Dr. Hawkins emphasizes three crucial steps individuals can take today to start building a solid financial foundation: 

1.  Start an Emergency Fund: Prepare for the unexpected by setting aside funds for emergencies.

2. Pay off High-Interest Debt: Prioritize debt repayment to reduce financial burdens and interest payments.

3. Invest in Financial Education: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed financial decisions.


Additionally, she offers three tips for saving each month:

1. Automate Savings: Set up automatic transfers to a separate savings account.

2. Review Expenses: Identify and eliminate unnecessary subscriptions and expenses.

3. Set a Budget: Establish a budget for discretionary spending and stick to it diligently.



Maintaining financial discipline is crucial on the path to prosperity. Dr. Hawkins recommends waiting 48 hours before making non-essential purchases, distinguishing between wants and needs, and setting clear financial goals to stay focused.

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Photo Credit: Cameron Hawkins




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