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Dr. Shamieka Dean

Mentor & Growth Strategist to Millionaire CEO Women

Dr. Shamieka Dean is a pioneering mentor and catalyst for transformational personal and professional growth. As a transformation coach, business strategist, and spiritual advisor to leaders worldwide, she has helped countless individuals unveil their potential through her unique methodologies. What sets Dr. Dean apart is her ability to catalyze change across all dimensions of a person’s life, including marriage, ministry, motherhood, and making more money. She has a gift for seeing innate untapped genius in people and guiding them into alignment with their God-designed destiny.


VBD Magazine caught up with the wealth-building expert to discuss her purpose for establishing SD Enterprises, strategies for financial success, and tips to achieve holistic success. Through her leadership, Dr. Dean continues to inspire women to pursue their dreams of attaining financial freedom without compromise.



At the core of Dr. Dean’s methodology lies a commitment to challenging conventional wisdom. She is most known for challenging paradigms of hustle and hard work by revolutionizing how women view success. Her signature Rest is the New Revenue® methodology offers a unique approach to accomplishment without sacrificing family or well-being. As a #1 bestselling author, award-winning business owner, and leader with a robust social media presence, Dr. Dean showcases her commitment to excellence while guiding over 100,000 individuals toward holistic, balanced success. Her achievements have garnered recognition on prestigious platforms such as Steve Harvey, TEDx, Thinkific, TubeBuddy, and Zapier.


For Dr. Dean, the establishment of SD Enterprises was more than just a business venture; it was a personal mission to create a legacy for her children.


“I founded SD Enterprises first and foremost to create a legacy for my children where they would never have to tell the story that their mother chose her career over them. I also wanted to tangibly demonstrate that having a family and marriage does not have to come at the cost of living out your purpose. My children deserve a front-row seat to holistic success—to see success in love, life, legacy, and finances simultaneously.” 


With a firm belief that success should encompass all aspects of life, Dr. Dean set out to demonstrate that family, fulfillment, and financial success are not mutually exclusive. Through coaching, consulting, and speaking engagements, she has empowered thousands to embrace this holistic approach to success.


“To further expand my impact, I devote my time to paving the way for other women to experience the same—to reach their highest potential without sacrificing their values or loved ones in exchange.”


At SD Enterprises, Dr. Dean emphasizes the importance of five key pillars: Marketing, Messaging, Marriage, Me (Self-care), and Management. By nurturing these pillars, individuals can unlock new levels of impact and income while maintaining balance in their lives. Dr. Dean’s holistic approach ensures that success is not just about financial gain but about fulfillment in every aspect of life.


“The end goal is for my children and all women to know that with the right vision, you absolutely can have it all - family, fulfillment, flourishing finances, and a legacy that resonates the same sentiment when your work on earth is done.”


Dr. Dean’s passion extends beyond mere success; it lies in empowering others—especially women—to achieve financial freedom.


“For too long, women have been forced to choose between pursuing their dreams or purposes and raising a family or having a thriving marriage. Convincing women that their only acceptable role was marriage and motherhood has stifled talents, silenced voices, and denied society of some of the most valuable assets.”


“As someone who serves powerhouse women who are making millions, mastering motherhood, and maintaining thriving marriages, I continue to defy this notion. With the right financial framework and support, it’s achievable. When you have finances secured, you have time freed up to devote energy towards family, community, business - whatever speaks to your God-given purpose.”


When it comes to building wealth, Dr. Dean offers invaluable insights rooted in years of experience.


1. Understand the power of investing versus just saving money.

Don’t get me wrong; having savings set aside for emergencies and short-term goals is vitally important. However, investing is what unlocks exponential growth and compound interest over decades. Even small, regular contributions toward stocks, bonds, real estate, or business ventures that earn annual returns will far outpace interest earned in a traditional savings account.


2.  Develop multiple streams of passive and residual income.

Relying solely on wages or salary limits wealth accumulation. True financial freedom emerges when money is coming in from diverse sources like royalties, dividends, and rentals that require little ongoing maintenance from you. The more income streams, the more wealth compounding can take effect.

3.  Leverage the time value of money as early and often as possible.

Simply put, money now is more valuable than the same amount decades later due to how interest and investments can grow exponentially over time. Whether saving for retirement, college funds, or seed money for a business, investing funds as young as financially possible is a proven wealth-building strategy.



Dr. Dean’s journey offers three valuable lessons for anyone seeking to achieve holistic success:


1. Define your own path.

There’s a popular template for success pushed by the mainstream. But there is also a right way specifically for you. The right path comes not by copying others’ paths, but from getting aligned with your unique instinctive talents and values. Define success on your terms - not just monetary goals but alignment with faith, family, and relationships centered as priorities. Structure a business fueled by your innate, intuitive strengths while leveraging skills.


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Photo Credit: Japhet Odigie



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