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VBD STAR POWER LIST: 7 Wealth-Building Experts

VBD Magazine is delighted to highlight seven wealth-building experts poised to revolutionize your financial future. Whether you’re a first-time investor seeking to navigate the complexities of the market or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to amplify your wealth-building strategies, these seven experts offer unparalleled perspectives and invaluable guidance. Get ready to transform your financial life!

Marcella Mollon-Williams, BFA™

Co-Founder of Legacy Builder Group

Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

CEO, Incredible One Enterprises

Dr. Leketa Hawkins

Financial Literacy & Business Coach

Dr. Shamieka Dean

Mentor & Growth Strategist to Millionaire CEO Women

Eric & Dr. Ranelli Williams 

Owners, ERJ Services

Dr. Constance Craig-Mason, MRFC®

CEO, Concierge Financial Advisory

Lashea Reaves

Executive Director, 8 Cents in a Jar, Inc

Go ahead and accelerate your life. Dive in!



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