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ROE BRADDY: Writing Stories Where God Wins

Meet a woman who takes negative experiences and turns them into unforgettable stories and poems. This is Roe Braddy, a retired educator with over thirty years of teaching experience, a magazine editor, and an award-winning author and poet. Her inspiration to write comes from her parents, the most romantic people she knew, who were both from the South during the Jim Crow era. Their lives were full of history that beckoned to be told and with a childhood full of history and romance, Roe was inspired to write historical romance from that time.



Roe has written three live theater productions and directed a choreopoem and several productions for her local community theater and church. Her first production was a four-act play entitled A Warm Heart of Steel. Then she went on to write her second novel with the same title, and received the Emma Award, which is an award given by the Diverse Readers and Writers Association for excellence in writing diverse romance. After receiving this award, Roe wrote The Warm Heart series, which also won five awards including Author of the Year, Best Hero, and Best Heroine.


Her love for writing and productions led her to provide insight and direction as a board member of different writing and theater groups.   Roe serves on the board for the Writers Wordshop which is a platform that provides poets and writers the opportunity to showcase their work. Currently, she serves on the board of directors for a theater group called Reclaim Artist Collective. The mission of the collective is to strive to create a world in which all people, regardless of race, religion, gender identity, or class can live together in ‘full poetry of existence’ empowering to celebrate their own uniqueness and speak their truth. Their mission resonates with Roe, because her heart’s desire is to produce work that teaches the next generation to take pride in their history and to know the places where their people have come, seen, and conquered. 


True to her own mission, Roe recently completed her second book in a historical romance series entitled Surrendered. “The message I hope readers take away from this book is that regardless of the trials that we go through in life, God always provides a way of escape. Your true love is just around the corner.”



Nezzie Fergerson came to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania looking for solace from her life of deprivation and poverty in the south. Arriving in Pittsburgh was an eye-opening experience. There, she found that pushing through her painful past wasn’t going to be as easy as she suspected. Nezzie was drawn to the nightlife and found comfort in slinging drinks in a local nightclub. A life of obscurity was the life she was looking for, at least that’s what she thought.

Mathias Whaley was good-looking and soft-spoken. Spending his days hoisting steel in the steel city and his evenings sipping coke under the soft glow of lights that the local nightclub offered. Where he runs into “His good thing.” Mathias is a man of few words, but one full of action. Acting on the pull of his heartstrings and the tug of the struggles occurring in the turbulent year 1960 might keep him from winning the heart of Nezzie Fergerson.


Will Nezzie surrender to the desires of her heart and let love take the wheel? Does Mathias have the fortitude to press on beyond the hurt and capture the woman who struggles to break free? Only time will tell.

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