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JENNIFER GILCHREST: Making Real Estate Dreams Come True



Making Real Estate Dreams Come True

“The COVID-19 pandemic fueled changes and accelerated digitization across many sectors, including the real estate industry,” says Jennifer Gilchrest. “We understand the changing landscape for buyers and sellers in the real estate market. Those who interact with us know that they can count on us to provide solutions to their needs.”

Jennifer Gilchrest is the founder of Platinum RE-CO, a rapidly expanding real estate brokerage, Team Lead of Gilchrest Platinum Producers Luxury Team and GPP Development, a real estate development company based in Newcastle, Oklahoma. A Life Coach, Mother, Gigi, Friend, Influencer, and Leader, Jennifer applies the same philosophy to everyone she comes in contact with, ensuring they feel valued and accepted. Her approach to work and life is simple: YOU come first.

Jennifer does not measure success through achievements or awards but by the satisfaction of her clients, coworkers and loved ones. Constant communication through every interaction and personalized care is at the forefront of her business. Through her fearless, bold, and courageous strength to dominate anything and everything she comes across, Jennifer has transformed her dreams into reality and hopes to do the same for everyone she meets.

VBD Magazine had the opportunity to speak with the trailblazer to learn more about the inspiration behind starting her real estate brokerage company, the services offered, the steps taken to ensure she has the best real estate agents, and the most rewarding aspect of being in the business.

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