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VBD Star Power List: Patrice A. Pryce, MD, FAAP

Influential Physicians & Their Specialties

Patrice A. Pryce, Pediatrician

“In pediatrics, our patients are oftentimes the patients and their families. Recognizing the complexity of these interactions is extremely important and can translate to positive health outcomes in children. Parents should share any financial, housing, or access to care obstacles experienced with their child's pediatrician. There are many programs to assist with social determinants of health for parents and children alike.”

I am a board-certified pediatrician and current fellow in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine whose career and research interests include understanding population health, health equity, and evaluating health system strategies to improve quality of pediatric care and child health outcomes after pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) hospitalizations. During my training, I developed and spearheaded advocacy and health-equity curricula for pediatric residents and nurse practitioners. These were designed to improve the quality of healthcare delivery for local and global medically underserved populations through various initiatives, partnerships with community-based organizations, and initiating conversations with state and local representatives regarding proposed legislation affecting children and families.

I have led and substantially contributed to programs and studies on contributing factors to health disparities and community-based interventions to reduce disparities among vulnerable populations. Currently, I serve as a Fellow Liaison in the Pediatric Diversity and Inclusion Council at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, partnering with fellowship program leadership and faculty to develop a curriculum geared toward the professional and career development of underrepresented fellow trainees. I am also participating in research to examine the mental health outcomes of caregivers and patients after pediatric ICU admission and the screening tools which may improve quality of life and reduce morbidities attributable to healthcare economics.

Specialties: Pediatrics & Pediatric Critical Care Medicine



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