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VBD STAR POWER LIST: Author Danyelle Scroggins

11 Amazing Authors Who Own Publishing Companies

Danyelle Scroggins, Bestselling Author & Founder, Divinely Sown, LLC

“I started Divinely Sown LLC (DS Publishing) in 2004. Depleted and almost about to give up after sending letters upon letters to publishers who mostly said the same thing. They didn’t know if there would be an audience for me or, my books were too Scripture heavy. My pastor preached one Sunday about God opening doors that no man can shut. I knew this Word was for me. I knew God was trying to lead me through a door that man couldn’t close. If I were going to write books that the world would read, that would always point the readers to Christ, I needed to push through the door He presented that no man could close.

Divinely Sown Publishing was born out of my situation, using the motto ‘Creating books that are an extension of God’s Word.’ It became that opened door that no man can shut.

The greatest advice to a writer is follow your heart. I believe with everything in me that God gifts writers for reasons beyond seeing words in ink. Why? Because written words are powerful and they have the power to change lives. So, He gives writers imagination which is a byproduct of faith, creativity which is the evidence of the gift, and open doors which are the results of faith intertwining with the gift.”

Author Danyelle is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana where she serves as the senior pastor of New Vessels Ministries North. She is the founder of Danyelle Scroggins Ministries which is a platform for inspirational and public speaking as well as spiritual and marital coaching. Danyelle studied Theology at Louisiana Baptist University, has a Psychology Degree from the University of Phoenix, and an Interdisciplinary Degree in Psychology/Biblical Studies and Master’s in Religious Education, both from Liberty University.

Danyelle owns Divinely Sown Publishing LLC, a publishing house that specializes in the publication of books divinely sown into the hearts of writers. She is the author of over forty Christian fiction and nonfiction books.

Danyelle is the wife of Pastor Reynard Scroggins, a mother of three, a mother of two by marriage, and a grandmother. Her hobbies include reading, drawing, and photography.

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