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VBD MAGAZINE'S STAR POWER LIST: Marcella Mollon-Williams, BFA™



Marcella Mollon-Williams, BFA™

Co-Founder of Legacy Builder Group

With her keen financial acumen and robust business strategies, Marcella Mollon-Williams has paved the way for numerous individuals to achieve financial autonomy. To give clients the full spectrum of her experience, she combined her passion for personal development and legacy building. Marcella is a licensed Behavioral Financial Advisor and co-founder of Legacy Builder Group, LLC, a holistic coaching and investment firm helping families build wealth with purpose. She is also a Certified Master Mindset and Cognitive Behavioral Coach, as well as a Certified Flexibility Coach.


With over 15 years of experience and a leading voice in the behavioral finance industry, Marcella provides a scientific approach to behavioral discipline that guides first generation 6+ figure families to consistently experience financial certainty to maintain a multi-generational family legacy. Marcella has received numerous awards and recognition in finance and entrepreneurship and has been featured in print, radio, and television including The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, TLC, and NPR to name a few.


Through her seminars, publications, and personalized consultations, Marcella has inspired countless individuals to take control of their finances. As a thought leader and advocate for financial literacy, she continues to drive positive change, equipping people from all walks of life with the knowledge and tools needed to build lasting wealth.


No matter where you are on your financial journey, our interview with the versatile leader will offer valuable insights for you.



The tradition of business ownership runs deep in the lineage of Legacy Builder Group LLC’s founders, Marcella and her brother Mark Mollon, spanning generations from their great-grandparents to their children. As siblings born into an entrepreneurial legacy, Marcella and Mark represent the fourth generation of their family’s business pursuits, having established their financial advisory and wealth management firm 16 years ago.

Raised by immigrant parents from Trinidad and Tobago who chased the American Dream with determination, Marcella and Mark were instilled with a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. Their journey began in their parents’ graphic design and sign company, where they learned valuable lessons in entrepreneurship. These formative experiences ignited their passion for expanding their financial knowledge. Through dedicated study and education in legacy planning, asset protection, retirement planning, and behavioral economics, the siblings honed their expertise.


The Legacy Builder Group was founded with a clear mission—to help families improve their relationship with money and build wealth with purpose. Through a holistic approach to financial planning and coaching, the company empowers clients to take control of their finances while sustaining healthy money behavior.


At the core of Legacy Builder Group’s offerings is the Family Legacy Experience™. “This is an elite experience that provides in-depth coaching in personal money and family behavior, and multi-generational wealth-building strategies that shift generational cycles,” says Marcella.


“We believe that legacy is how other people will experience your existence and the most impactful ways that our existence is experienced is through the purposeful transfer of both our intellectual and financial assets. We provide families with a blueprint to build and pass on these assets to elevate them and future generations.”



“At the heart of financial security is freedom. When you are free from scarcity, and financial uncertainty, there is room for an elevated money mindset and freedom to build a legacy. Legacy building is my passion and while money is an important part of this process, it is only one aspect.”

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Photo Credit: Rodgers Polk Photography



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