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VBD Magazine Cover Story: Relationship Experts Eric & Dr. Sakeisha Hylick


The Secrets of Successful Marriages

“While marriage is a sacred, lifelong commitment, it is not always easy to stay true to the vows. Couples struggle through the daily stresses of life that can chip away at the health of a relationship.” – the Hylicks

Relationship experts Eric and Dr. Sakeisha Hylick have made it their mission to help couples build strong marriages, balance marriage and business, and create generational wealth. Married for 23 years, the Hylicks tackle “The Great Divide in Marriages”—challenges with communication, finances, and sex— with ease. The visionaries are probably best known for their Marriage Can Win books, seminars, radio show, and podcast.

There were no shortcuts in their journey, as Eric and Dr. Sakeisha have had to overcome the odds, both personally and professionally. They were reared in single parent homes and decided at the initial phase of their marriage that divorce was not an option. Determined to make their marriage a success, the power couple strives to be transparent in their marriage, while working tirelessly to provide the tools and techniques to help other marriages thrive.

Today, the Hylicks are witnessing the manifestation of their dream. They are the founders of Ultimately Y.O.U., along with wearing the titles of Marriage and Relationship Success Strategists, TV Producers, John Maxwell Certified Coaches, Speakers, and Trainers, Generational Wealth Builders, Bestselling Authors, and Podcast Hosts.

Eric is an ordained minister and founder of Covenant Kingdom Builders Ministries. He is a graduate of Florida A&M University (FAMU) with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and an MBA in Project Management. Dr. Sakeisha is also a FAMU graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a doctorate in Pharmacy. She is a retired registered pharmacist that has served in a leadership capacity for 18+ years. Dr. Sakeisha has co-authored books such as Girl Get Up and Win, Wife Material, and the newly released Money TALK$: Uncut Convos With Power Couples About Love, Money & Entrepreneurship (Volume 2). Together, Eric and Dr. Sakeisha published 2 books, Marriage Can Win and Struggling To Keep The Vows. The Hylicks are sought-after guest speakers and conference hosts throughout the US’s Southeast Region, the West Coast, and Hawaii.

In a candid conversation with VBD Magazine, the Hylicks share their love story, a surprise that they learned about marriage, and tips for running a business with your spouse. Whether you’re at the beginning of your marital bliss or you’ve been on the road for a while, their journey is a reminder to love passionately and pursue your goals relentlessly. Dive in and find out the secrets of great marriages.


From meeting on social media, to blind dating, to a series of unusual or touching events, there’s always a good story about how a couple meet and establish a romantic relationship. So what circumstances were put into motion for Eric and Dr. Sakeisha to create their happily-ever-after?

“We met in a parking lot at FAMU in Tallahassee,” Eric reveals. “As our friendship grew, we would visit Lake Ella in Tallahassee and talk for hours. Constantly being in touch with each other no doubt formed the foundation of our special relationship.”

“Yes, it was very important to establish a friendship before moving on to a relationship,” says Dr. Sakeisha. “Particularly because we both came from divorced parents and did not wish to repeat this situation.”


“We had wedding days, but that’s a long story,” Dr. Sakeisha volunteers, laughing a little. “Eric and I got married the first time in the Bahamas, while we were in college. We knew that living together was not what God wanted for us. We did not tell our fathers but took our mothers and went to the Bahamas and made it official.

We were scheduled to have our ceremony on the beach, and it was a rainy day. I cried a bit, because we thought we would have to cancel our wedding, but God showed up! It stopped raining minutes before the time for the ceremony. I cried, but this time, it was tears of joy.

Three years later, we had another wedding, this time with our friends and family. It was a blessing because my dad’s cancer returned months later, and he passed away the following year. He was able to walk his little girl down the aisle as he had always dreamed.”


After the wedding day, a couple will embark on the biggest adventure of their lives. The first year of every marriage is a time of change and adjustment that lays the foundation for the marriage. We pose this question to the Hylicks— what is a surprise that you learned about marriage?

“That is a good question, because marriage is a constant learning process,” Dr. Sakeisha states. “The person you are at year 1 in your marriage is different from who you are at year 5, year 10 and so on.”

“You have to constantly check in and see how your spouse is growing and evolving,” Eric adds. “Just like you do a regular check up on your vehicle, you have to do the same in your marriage. We like to call it preventative maintenance for your marriage.”


Being the pioneers of the Marriage Can Win platform is a great achievement but equally important to Eric and Dr. Sakeisha is the legacy they are leaving in terms of the wisdom and principles that their business embodies.

“The legacy that we want to leave is one that encourages couples to fight for their marriage, to show couples how to complement one another and not compete, and how to grow together in their marriage without losing their own individual identities,” says Eric.

“While we do encourage couples to leave a legacy financially, it is the wisdom and principles that we aspire to share with them to help them prosper financially,” Dr. Sakeisha adds. “Also, we want couples to take away principles that can help them grow when it comes to communication, finances, and intimacy.”


The Hylicks are building a legacy, creatively advocating for marriages, and strengthening their tools and strategies with their own experiences. Together, they are providing the blueprint for entrepreneurs to become industry experts.

“Couples must establish boundaries,” Dr. Sakeisha tells us. “What happens in the business stays in the business. Do not bring those challenges home. Also, they must separate the bedroom and the boardroom.”

“Many couples must learn how to transition from the business mindset to the personal mindset when they get home,” Eric claims. “Whatever you feed will grow, so you constantly have to nurture and prioritize your marriage, just like you do your business.”


The Hylicks have an inexhaustible foundation of creativity. They have become the host and TV producers of Becoming A Millionaire Power Couple TV Show.

“This is a movement to demonstrate how to build strong marriages, establish successful businesses, and create generational wealth for families worldwide,” says Dr. Sakeisha. “We are working on the second season of our TV show, and we are super excited. We always like to step outside of our comfort zone, so this season is going to be completely different from our last season.”


Arguments over finances top the other issues that cause stress and disagreements in relationships. If it is left unaddressed, this will have a negative impact on the relationship.

To strengthen financial accountability, Eric recommends that couples, “Develop a financial plan. This is going to require transparency and vulnerability. No secrets, which will eradicate the trust in the relationship. A budget is necessary not, optional; aka live within your means. Building an emergency fund and paying off debt will help couples avoid living from paycheck to paycheck. Multiple streams of income are necessary.”


“We wholeheartedly believe in marriage therapy; it saved our marriage,” Dr. Sakeisha discloses. “Often couples tend to shy away from therapy because of fear of how they will be perceived or because of the position that he/she holds. Therapy can help couples see challenges in their marriage from an unbiased perspective.


There are many ways to keep your marital bliss. Here are tips from the relationship experts to keep the depth, richness, and spark in your relationship:

  • Prioritize your spouse and marriage.

  • Communicate openly and honestly about everything. Be mindful that communication is a two-way street that requires you both to talk to one another instead of at one another and listen as well.

  • Spend quality time together to nurture your relationship.

  • Learn to appreciate and forgive each other.

  • Recognize that it is okay to disagree.

  • Work out your roles and maintain meaningful emotional connections.

  • Pray together and support each other.

  • Keep your physical connection alive.


At points during a marriage, dark clouds will roll in and couples will be caught up in a conflict. These storms can come in many shapes and sizes, but fear not, there are ways to get around, through, or over these trying times.

“Couples can endure a marriage storm by being committed to working on the relationship and walking in forgiveness,” Eric remarks. “It is important to recognize that each person has imperfections, but it is key to focus on each other’s strengths instead of weaknesses.”


“Our books, Marriage Can Win and Struggling To Keep The Vows, will edify and be of value to couples, especially if one or both are entrepreneurs,” Dr. Sakeisha informs us. “The books will also help couples who are committed to overcoming the great divide in relationships, such as issues with communication, finances, and sex.”


Marriage Can Win: Amazon

Struggling to Keep The Vows: Amazon



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