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SHILPA CACHO: Empowering Women Across the Globe

In a world full of uncertainties, when you come across an individual who always sees the glass half full, it gives you hope. VBD Magazine would like to introduce an inspiring, driven entrepreneur - Mrs. Shilpa Cacho. Shilpa lives and works as an entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas.


Shilpa is a first generation American who was pushed out of her home during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Her family lost everything and came to America with nothing but the hope to live the American dream. Her parents, being of Indian descent, raised Shilpa and her siblings with Indian traditions. For most of Shilpa’s life, she struggled with bouts of depression, childhood insecurities, and low self-worth. As an adult, her divorce catapulted her to making drastic changes in her life. Her experiences from different phases of her life serve as a source of inspiration to positively impact the lives of others. “With the help of my therapist, I learned how to save myself. You can start over at any age,” says Shilpa.


Shilpa is an acclaimed makeup artist, results driven content creator, social media strategist, and a passionate serial entrepreneur focused on empowering women across the globe. Shilpa is currently working on expanding her personal brand with the goal of helping more timid women embrace their power to manifest their dream lives. Having experienced depression and surviving a suicide attempt, Shilpa is on a mission to empower women to step into their power and creating a life they love. Shilpa is a well-known Instagram influencer who tackles sensitive topics on love, intimacy, marriage, relationships, and most recently parenting. She has over 37,000 followers who voice their support for her willingness to share her personal experiences and stories on a public platform.


Upon the finalization of her divorce, Shilpa started her healing journey of traveling across the globe to countries such as Scotland, Portugal, and Germany. She was determined to experience new cultures and people, and to find the spirituality within her for long term healing. It is during her travels that she met her soulmate, Isaac. In a whirlwind of love and romance, she eloped with Isaac to the mountains of Big Sur, California. Their love story inspired her to share the importance of rebuilding yourself after divorce. She and her husband created numerous social media posts and videos that share vital best practices on a healthy, practical relationship as husband and wife. The overwhelming response to their videos inspired them to create their social media agency which provides customer-oriented video content creation services to businesses looking to expand brand awareness and improve sales through social media.



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