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JR MONEY: Adapting to the Unexpected and Operating in Purpose


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With more than 30 years’ experience in the artistic environment, television, media, and film industry, JR MONEY has emerged as an Executive Producer, Director, and Producer of Film/Television and Music Videos, Event Producer, Actor, Sports Anchor, Image Consultant, Writer, Screenwriter, Composer, Model, Singer, and Television Presenter for Telemundo, one of the most important television networks in the Hispanic community worldwide. As of 2022, in obedience to God, JR paused working on certain aspects of his business to fulfill the mission that the Lord entrusted to him through music.

VBD Magazine is honored to inspire you with JR MONEY’s story—his ministries, entrepreneurial pursuits, upcoming projects, and advice to singers desiring to enter the Gospel music industry.


Angel Morales, better known in the artistic arena as JR MONEY, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He began his professional career in the music industry in 1994 as an artist and composer for the True Funkalistic group. He signed a 5-year contract with the Record Label Musical Productions, where he recorded 2 albums and 4 music videos. He completed his contract with the label but his bad experiences in the industry led him to enter what he termed “the world of the streets.” After getting off the streets, he took on new challenges in his career and dedicated himself to operating as an Event Producer and Image Consultant for many renowned artists and people in Puerto Rico. In 2005, he resumed his artistic career, but this time as JR MONEY.

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