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How to Boost Your Professional Development in the Post COVID-19 Era

Do you remember when your company's Human Resources department would organize professional development sessions, usually face-to-face away from your desk, to advance your skills? If you were seen as a potential candidate for a higher post, they would select you for a development program as part of their succession planning strategy. The bottom-line is this: as you advance in your respective field, the organization also grows. At the same time, they will be more attractive to prospective employees for investing in their staff's occupational advancement.

Always remember, you are your organization's greatest asset.

But let us fast forward to 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic altered almost every industry, organization and business. The nature of work changed rapidly. Most organizations have been driven into remote working environments. Today’s managers and team members are grappling with leading and collaborating with virtual teams. Areas such as effective communication, team building skills and stress management, offered by Victorious by Design, are becoming increasingly important skills to hone.

The nature of professional development changed as well. Professionals, like yourselves, are re-skilling and upskilling to adapt to careers that are emerging and becoming obsolete. With a stark increase in unemployment and job insecurity, worsened by the pandemic, we know that you are making yourselves more employable and marketable in your field. Instead of waiting for your organization to provide training, you are taking the initiative and making an investment in your own career development, right from your own bedrooms too.

We applaud the steps that you have been taking and we are happy to provide more insights on how you can boost your professional development in this post-pandemic period.

Over the next three weeks, Victorious by Design will be exploring the perspectives of professionals across diverse fields: Engineering, Community Development and Monitoring and Evaluation, to share how you can advance your professional development and be agile in the changing work space.

Follow us as we take you to your next level of unprecedented success!



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