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He Still Heals

“Healing does not mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.” Akshay Dubey

And what a life I have had. For 12 years, I have been bleeding which left me broken with resources depleted, but still desperate for change. I have visited many doctors with the hope that one could help, but as the years went by, no one could find an answer to my problem.

My background

I was poor. I was so desperate for healing that I spent all I had trying to find relief. I yearned for a cure, but none was found. I was an outcast. According to the Jewish laws, I was ritually unclean, and as such, I needed to stay away from others until my bleeding stopped. It never did. I felt dirty, stigmatized, and isolated… alone.

Jesus brings hope

One day, I heard that Jesus was coming. I heard that he had healed many. The deaf could hear, the lame could walk, the blind could see, the dumb could talk, and I thought maybe, just maybe, he could heal me. Desperate for change, I broke the law. Though I was unclean, I went into the crowd, and tried to touch Him. There were so many people! I thought to myself if I could only touch the hem of His garment, then I could be healed. So, with renewed strength and determination, I pressed, pushed, and stretched forth until I touched Him. Immediately, I was healed.

Jesus offers restoration

Jesus knew what had happened and asked who had touched Him. When I realized I could not hide what I had done, I fell at his feet trembling and explained why I had touched him and how I was immediately healed. Instead of being angry or even disgusted, Jesus responded with grace, peace, and love. I believe that today, if you come to Him for healing, whether of the body or of the mind, that His response will be the same: grace, peace, and love.

When Jesus healed my body, He made it possible for me to develop relationships with those around me as well as go about without being scorned. That may not be what you need, so it is important to know that healing looks different for all of us. Also, it is important to know that what we think we want is not always what we need. Sometimes, we go to God to heal our bodies and He does; Other times He doesn’t, but instead provides healing in other places we didn’t realize we needed.

My sickness no longer has control over my life and yours doesn’t have to either. Go before God and allow Him to work on you, in His way and time, and as you do, you will realize that in Him you have what you need to live victoriously.

About Rose-Ann

Rose-Ann Durant is a young Christian from Kingston, Jamaica, who is currently living on the island of Barbados. She is an ardent reader who enjoys going to the beach, river, and spending time outdoors. She is also a writer for Christian Today, an online magazine based in Australia.

Her love for the literary arena has birthed her first Christian fiction novel entitled Mercy Came Running, a story of a young woman’s journey of forgiveness and love, which is set to be released in 2022. As she embraces her God-given talent of writing, this will be the first of many novels to inspire, uplift and encourage men and women around the globe.

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