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FINDING YOUR TRIBE: The key an author’s success

Anyone can develop an idea they believe belongs in the literary world. Often, we begin with a creative idea, but the vision quickly fades because of the creator’s insecurities. Most talk themselves out of the project early in the journey, resulting from doubt and disbelief. Better still, many disbelieve their original intent, despite having the credentials that to write about the topic. Others try to reassure themselves through research of diverse books on the topic and retreats when they find the field flooded with resources addressing the same. The writer is ready to bury their creative idea, leaving a void in the literary world.

This scenario replays repeatedly, as most in the writing community rehearse the same quest. It takes place when a writer begins the journey alone. At the onset, you construct a book concept and begin writing, but do not recognize that one element is missing from the initial stages in the writing process.

Welcome to my world as a writer! Let me reassure you those earlier questions of doubt happened to most of us. I, too, faced similar insecurities and conquered them because of my TRIBE. With their help, I am now an award-winning author.

A TRIBE is comprised of literary experts/ambassadors, editors, or relationships with fellow authors, and is key to providing support and inspiration. Every writer should gather a TRIBE to help them succeed. The TRIBE includes people and resources, and if you open your heart, you will discover some have already crossed your path. Here is your TRIBE:

T–Teachers: The experts are your teachers in the literary world. During my writing journey, I transitioned from writing with a corporate voice to using my writing voice, and it was a struggle. As I explored my writing voice, I studied the rules of novel writing - rules about dialogue, show don’t tell, overuse of adverbs, et cetera. Because of my challenges, my first book took six years to write. Had I taken the time to invite a literary expert/teacher on my journey, the book would have been published sooner.

R–Relationships: Everything in the writing world is about the relationships you establish. Join writers’ groups within the writing community that represent your genre. I surrounded myself with author friends who later became my editors and a few who are masters at creating book hooks, titles, and a synopsis. Your relationships are crucial to creating support around your projects.

I–Investors: There are many authors out there who will help invest in your project as a mentor. Again, begin with building relationships. As you get to know them, reach out to a few who write in your genre. You can start with the circle of author friends you establish and choose one or two who will mentor you. Soon, you will position yourself to do the same for another up-and-coming author.

B--Believe: Trust that writing is what you are called to do and, by doing so, you commit to cultivate and grow your gift. Set aside time for your personal development. This includes surrounding yourself with great writing resources. There is an endless supply of self-help books and online/virtual classes to consider. Set aside time to pause from writing to study and grow.

E–Expectations: Believing is expecting. The God of all creativity has given us our creative gifts, and He is on our team as He walks with us through the stages of our creative writing. Seek His wisdom with your writing. Prayer creates the expectation of a rewarding outcome.

By Dr. Velma Bagby

Author & Contributor

About Velma

Dr. Velma is an Award-Winning Author of Christian fiction/creative nonfiction, a Christian Dating-Relationship Coach, ordained Minister (Th.D.), and speaker. Dr. Velma is CEO of Adoni Publishing LLC, formed to self-publish her work, because she finds great satisfaction in writing about the Christian experience. Her recent books focus on intentional dating-relationships-marriage, Christian living—related to suffering during tests and trials, as well as co-author with her granddaughter on her children’s storybooks. God is at the forefront of everything she does in ministry, writing, and in serving others.

Dr. Velma spent her career writing in her role as Deputy Administrator for the State of California and addressed areas related to policies, programs, personnel, premises, program/project/training development, continuous improvement, and more. She retired after working for 38 years, but continues to apply her leadership skills & techniques on every task. As Dr. Velma transitioned into a writing career, she found her love of talking about Christian intentional dating and marriage. She has 30+ years providing pre-marriage/marriage counseling, 30+ yrs. coaching single women. Dr. Velma hosted a 15-minute live show every Tuesday on Dr. Velma Facebook page, where she highlighted points from her experience in a blessed marriage of 47 years, mentoring single women, and offering tips on both.

Connect with Velma

Instagram: @dr._velma, @authordrvelma, @adoni_publishing_llc

Facebook: @drvelma, @adonipublishing

LinkedIn: @DrVelmaBagby



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