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DR. TERESA A. SMITH: Transformational Leader & Visionary

Dr. Teresa A. Smith (Dr. TAS) is an author, coach, prophetess, speaker, talk show host, and radio contributor. Her first book, Stronger: How Overcoming Life's Adversities Can Push You Into Your Purpose, was listed number two on the list of 20 books Oprah should read in 2019. As an incest and trauma overcomer, she lives life with the mantra, "I own who I am." This mindset motivates her to appreciate and accept life circumstances in her quest to reach her fullest potential and help others achieve theirs.

VBD Magazine had an opportunity to speak with Dr. TAS about Transformation, her amazing book. “Transformation is a guide to assisting others in developing an unapologetically spiritual life for themselves and in service to God,” says Dr. TAS. In our interview, the trailblazer discussed the inspiration behind her latest release, what she hopes readers will take away, and something readers would be surprised to know about her.

VBD: What inspires you to write?

Dr. TAS: As a child, I was a voracious reader and observer of people, and I wanted to write about the connection between self-esteem and goal attainment. This grew into a desire to help people understand the spiritual and life lessons born from pain. I write self-help books that may sample "real life" to help the reader connect to the message. I have written four books, Stronger: How Overcoming Life's Adversities Can Push You Into Your Purpose, Back in the Day Anthology, From Bravery To Victory, and Transformation.

I write to help people understand that they have a significant role in this world and be open to self-development, shifting their perspective, and appreciating the here and right now moments. My writing reflects who I am and how I live my life. You will always find references to God, real-life spirituality, and honesty.

VBD: What inspired your latest book?

Dr. TAS: After reading my first book Stronger: How Overcoming Life's Adversities Can Push You Into Your Purpose, my readers wanted to know how a person becomes stronger. For me, the transformation process was intuitive. But to answer their question, I journaled daily about how I managed my experiences. My journal entries were the inspiration for my new book Transformation. Transformation provides ten thought-provoking messages to guide the reader in their process of becoming stronger.

VBD: What did you learn from writing this book?

Dr. TAS: Transformation is ongoing, and I have to remain open to discovering how my individuality, environment, relationships, and legacy events influence my perspective. And that it is normal for my viewpoint to shift because I'm in a constant learning, reflective, transformative mindset. Also, it is unrealistic and unfair to expect my loved ones and friends to immediately grasp the significance of my transformation when I am still growing. Change is challenging and it's more challenging for those closest to me because they have to adapt to who I am becoming. Patience with myself and others has become critical to my transformative journey.

VBD: What was the hardest part about writing the story?

Dr. TAS: Because Transformation is not a novel and is non-fiction, it was hard to identify the 10 crucial foundational transformational steps. The next difficulty I faced was determining how to convey the life messages from a coaching stance instead of a directive to model honoring the reader's self-development process.

VBD: What would be the Scripture verse that fits this story and why?

Dr. TAS: St. Matthew 6:34 provides knowledge and hope in living life. The Scripture reads, "Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes." (MSG) Each of us has experiences that propel us either forward or backward. When we fixate on the event and what may happen next, we fail to see the opportunities in front of us. When we appreciate that God is a transformer, we realize that unpredictable life events are part of our evolution.

VBD: What message do you hope readers will take away after reading this book?

Dr. TAS: To own their future because it is personal, and they do not owe anyone an explanation about their path to self-discovery. Don't become discouraged, for the route will be hard and full of emotional highs and lows. Keep going, keep putting the work in, and they will discover their response to life's experiences has transformed.

VBD: What is something readers would be surprised to know about you?

Dr. TAS: I don't have all the answers. I put the work in daily to become the best version of myself and have setbacks like everyone else. However, I allow myself to fully experience emotions, but I don't put up a tent. I must keep moving forward!

What's next for you?

Dr. TAS: 2022 has brought new opportunities with the launch of my new show, Transform With TAS. Transform With TAS combines my love of cooking and coaching. The show has cooking segments and interviews with individuals who share their transformative rebirth. You can watch the Transform With TAS Show on my YouTube Channel at

I am also writing my first children's book. It is fiction, and I am thoroughly enjoying writing from a creative posture. This book will be released in the fall.


Dr. Teresa A. Smith is a true visionary who genuinely wants everyone to succeed. You don't have a conversation with Dr. TAS without her attempting to push you into your purpose; this has been her MO her entire life.

This North Carolina native holds a doctorate in Education Leadership from Liberty University, an MBA from Elon University, an MA in education counseling from North Carolina Central University, and a BS in criminal justice and psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is a licensed school counselor, national certified counselor, national certified school counselor, and life coach.

Dr. Smith has over 27 years in the education field as a school counselor and vocational rehabilitation counselor, State Education Agency special projects coordinator, early college high school consultant, and student support services program manager, cultural and linguistic competence coordinator, and 21st century community learning center afterschool program grant writer and program director. In Capella University School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Smith serves as faculty director, responsible for management oversight and mentorship for approximately 120 part-time and adjunct faculty.

Her talk show Transform with TAS shares healthy cooking tips that strengthen God's vessel and spotlights individuals who have learned to thrive regardless of their circumstances. You can watch the Transform with TAS Talk Show on YouTube. Dr. TAS, Talk with TAS segment airs on ConversationsLive on ABC NEWS Radio KMET 1490AM.

Dr. TAS works with both small and large audiences as if she is working with each audience member individually. Her warmth, wacky sense of humor, and telling it like it is delivery is what people remember.


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Unknown member
Jul 29, 2022

This is an interesting article. I’m so proud to see the success of others. TAS, you go girl! You put the work in and now you shall reap the rewards of your labor. Blessings to you and your future endeavors.



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