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Ycats aims to share the Jamaican dance experience across the globe via its online platform YcatsLive! 7-year-old Palandria Minto, 11-year-old Shaniel Parke, and 17-year-old Jaiana Sharpe and shared their experience dancing online with Ycats.

"I love to dance and love dancing with my friends at Ycats. When I was in Jamaica, I was the youngest and smallest dancer in the Arabesque 2 class, but people would not really notice because I worked hard to keep up with the older girls and give my best performance. I now live in the United States and my mom arranged for me to take dance classes online. I still dance with some older dancers, and it is fun, but sometimes challenging."- Palandria Minto, Florida, USA.

“During the pandemic my mom and I started the search for a dance program, as dancing at school was not regular. We tried many options in Canada, but I became excited when I was introduced to this Jamaican dance studio. Ycats allowed me to take classes online in a very nice environment. Aunty Stacy and the other instructors are very spiritual and encouraging, and I am motivated by how driven and friendly the other students are. At Ycats you learn to be brave in reaching for the skies and in chasing your dreams. They inspire me to want to become a professional dancer and an instructor one day. This was one of the best choices I ever made.”- Shaniel Parke, Toronto, Canada.

“I previously danced with the Ycats Dance Studio in Jamaica and participated in all pre-pandemic productions before migrating to Canada in December 2020. I currently dance at my high school and the Cadance Academy in Canada, but still enjoy taking classes online with the Ycats family. Along with modern dance technique, Ycats brings the flavors of Reggae, Caribbean folk and African music and dance, which I thoroughly enjoy. My goal is to become a forensic scientist and a dance choreographer; and Ycats’ Artistic Director Aunty Stacy has been a source of inspiration.- Jaiana Sharpe, Nova Scotia, Canada.



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