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VBD STAR POWER LIST: Author Michelle Stimpson

25 Amazing Authors & Their Must-Read Books

Michelle Stimpson, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Educator & Encourager

“Decide what you want out of this industry right now. You can change your mind later but figure out what you want now and move in that direction.”

Bestselling author, speaker, educator, and encourager. These are but a few of the titles prolific creative Michelle Stimpson wears.

The entertaining voice behind the wildly popular, award-winning Mama B book series, Michelle took the Bachelor of Science degree she earned from Jarvis Christian College and headed to the classroom, where she served as an elementary and secondary teacher. She later earned a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington and moved into educational consulting. As much as she loves teaching, the keyboard is where Michelle discovered her true calling. The highly acclaimed, page-turning Boaz Brown, Divas of Damascus Road and Falling Into Grace aren't just words on the page...they're food for the soul. Fifty books into this writing career, she still counts it a blessing and an honor to continue in her calling as a teacher in more than one arena.

“I first knew that I was a writer when I was 12 years old. My mom had a car accident and, suddenly, I became the keeper of our household. I started keeping a journal as an outlet, and writing became my best friend.

Everything I write has a little bit of humor, while causing people to think about serious issues. This, of

course, lines up with my personality. I think if you asked my friends, they’d say I’m a fun person. I love to laugh and enjoy life. But at the same time, I’m serious about things that matter most, like faith, family, and fulfilling God’s plan for my life. I’m honored to share my gift through so many various forms – writing, teaching, mentoring.”

Michelle serves the body of Christ through ministering to women in churches, workshops, the Warrior Wives Club, or simply praying with a frazzled mother in Wal-Mart. She regularly speaks at special events and writing workshops sponsored by churches, schools, book clubs and other positive organizations.

Michelle and her husband live near Dallas. They are parents to two young adults and one amazingly sweet granddaughter.

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Connect with Michelle

Twitter: @Stimpsonwrites

Instagram: @Stimpson.michelle



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