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Taurea Avant

Author, Business Strategist & International Speaker

Connect with Taurea Vision Avant, the Queen of Book Profiting, and join a system that works. Taurea specializes in working with speakers, coaches, and network marketers, showing them how to become profitable authors and leverage their books to build six-figure businesses. Her program is called Book Profits Club, and it is designed to help her clients make $10,009+ per month by working two to four hours per day with their success system.


VBD Magazine interviewed the entrepreneur to get the inside scoop on her story, the roadmap for navigating the business landscape, and a glimpse into the transformative opportunities she offers for those ready to move to the next level. Taurea imparted valuable lessons garnered through years of navigating the complexities of the business world. Aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike will gain access to a wealth of knowledge, actionable tips, and a plan for achieving their own goals. 



Before Taurea became a successful entrepreneur, she considered herself a “trypreneur,” which stands for trying everything under the sun and quitting.


“When I first decided to become an entrepreneur, I was just out here hustling, to be quite honest. I didn’t have a business name or a clear idea of the value I would bring to the world. I saw an opportunity to possibly sell something and make some money in exchange.”


Despite this, Taurea enjoyed being in business, and being able to help people is one of the most rewarding things she had ever experienced. But having a desire to help people was not good enough to succeed as an entrepreneur.


“It wasn’t until I experienced repeated failures and attempted to start a business for someone else that I realized I wanted to create my own business. In 2009, I launched “Show Your Success” with the intention of creating better networking environments for entrepreneurs. I used to dislike traditional networking events, feeling they lacked value and genuine connections, so I decided to create my own. At that time, I was involved in network marketing, and I used these events to raise awareness about my products and company.”

“In 2012, I faced an extreme bout of depression, even becoming suicidal. I knew it was time to fully embrace my purpose, so I decided to teach entrepreneurs how to become authors. My strategy began with “Show Your Success” hosting networking events and eventually evolved into workshops. In 2019, I founded “Book Profits Club” to build a community of authors who are speakers and coaches, teaching them how to leverage their books for success. Additionally, I created Author All Stars, a yearly magazine celebrating authors from around the world. We selected 50 authors who also attend our annual conference to receive awards, alongside our Book Profits Club members.”


Taurea shared the following six game-changing strategies for success:


1. Be Specific: Taurea focused on her specific message in the coaching and speaking marketplace and concentrated on who she served and how to serve them. She expressed that “trying to help everyone with everything is challenging given the billions of people in the world. So, don’t be afraid to be specific about who you’ll help and how.”

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