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Taylor Kilpatrick

Defining Beauty Inside and Out

Pageantry has long been a part of our culture and to date it still manages to hold its position. Many pageants for women have evolved from their original purpose that focused on beauty to place more emphasis on the winner having a global influence while fulfilling worthwhile endeavors and philanthropic goals.

From economically developed countries to less developed ones, many contestants, while representing their countries, use competitions as steppingstones to achieve their personal and professional goals; some contestants even take on the role of advocate to tackle issues.

Taylor Kilpatrick’s dream to wear a crown came true not once, but twice. She was crowned Miss Frisco 2022 and Miss Arlington 2023 in Texas. Taylor is now preparing to be a contestant in the Miss Texas Scholarship Competition, which is the preliminary to the Miss America Scholarship Competition. “I am fortunate to have this wonderful opportunity to spend time with an amazing group of women and compete for my dream job,” says Taylor.

In her exclusive interview with VBD Magazine, Taylor reveals her purpose for competing in pageants, the steps involved as she prepares for the Miss Texas Scholarship Competition, rules she lives by to ensure continued success, and her reasons for entering the entrepreneurial space. Savvy, sophisticated, and resilient, Taylor is making a difference as she pursues her goals.

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