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VBD MAGAZINE: 5 Influential Physicians & Their Specialties

Demonstrating the resilience of the medical community

Through these dynamic and challenging times, we are grateful for physicians who are still able to deliver compassionate care to patients. VBD Magazine is pleased to highlight 5 influential physicians and their specialties.

1. Shanda M. Clarke, B.S., D.C.


2. Delene P. Musielak, MD, FACP, FAAP, DABOM

Board Certified Internist, Pediatrician & Obesity Specialist

3. Vandene Miller-Adams, MD

Obstetrician & Gynecologist

4. Patrice A. Pryce, MD, FAAP


5. Kevin McKim, MD


We pay homage to them for their selfless service, sacrifice, and courage on the frontlines, as we adjust to the “new normal” brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are using this opportunity to celebrate them and highlight their medical responsibilities, achievements, and dedication to their communities. We appreciate their commitment to help us lead healthier lives.

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Membro desconhecido
14 de abr. de 2022

Appreciate the work you all do!



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