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From Religion to Relationship

Have you met Him?

If I told you that I wanted to introduce you to a very special person; one who will love you no matter what you did and forgives anything you do even before you confess; this person is very generous, kind, and compassionate and someone who will support you even when the choices you make are questionable. Wouldn’t you want to meet that person? Wouldn’t you want to learn more about him/her, hoping above all that you could be meeting the person of your dreams? Wouldn’t you want to talk with to this person frequently and spend quality time together?

The Sad Truth

That person is God and that is how many of us treat Him. Still, He loves us so much that he waits patiently each day. He wakes us up refreshed and rejuvenated, gives us the sun to warm us, protects us throughout the day, and gives us the moon for light during the night.

Still, we barely acknowledge him.

This is a friendship you should want to hold on to; after all, good friends are hard to find. Friendships are built when we spend quality time with the people we care about. Then, the friendship grows, blossoming into a life-long unshakable bond.

Yes – many times we go to church to give thanks because we were either taught to do so or introduced to it by someone. Our minds tell us that there is a supreme being that cares and we should honor him but does that transfer to our hearts? This is the inclusive bond we should endeavor to have with Jesus Christ.

God said it best to the people of Israel in Isaiah 29:13(KJV) “…. people draw near me with their mouth and with their lips do honor me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men:”

The difference between Religion and Relationship

Religion is a commitment to a religious faith, a personal set of attitudes, beliefs, and practices. But - a relationship is a kinship, a dependence, an alliance, and a more intimate connection. We must move away from religion and develop a solid personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Having an intimate relationship with the Lord means inviting Him into every part of our lives.

We would love to hear from you on this subject.

By Paula Hamilton

Copy Editor & Contributor



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