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ESTHER SINCLAIR: You are a Big Deal! Walk in the Power of Your Purpose

“It takes courage to cultivate purpose, it’s not for cowards. Until you tap into your full potential you will always feel powerless.”—Esther Sinclair

Inspired by the Lord to be intentional about her purpose, Esther Sinclair took major steps to boldly embrace this new season in her life so that she would evolve into the best version of herself. Esther, who wears many hats—author, life coach, empowerment speaker, accountant, teacher, mentor, pastor’s wife, and mother of 4—is guided by the core principle: Purpose is not an option, it’s an obligation. The visionary is passionate about cultivating every seed that God has deposited in her to be a blessing to others. Today, Esther is pursuing the path of purpose and her mission is to inspire others to do the same.

“My first book Cultivating Purpose was released in January 2020 in the onset of the pandemic. I used the pandemic as a purpose platform to teach others how to break out of their comfort zone and pursue their purpose.”

Following the release of her book, Esther established a purpose community dubbed ‘Destiny Cultivators’, which connected approximately 100 like-minded individuals who daily encourage and motivate each other to keep going forward. The face-to-face masterclasses on the Principles of Purpose transitioned online during the pandemic and became available to audiences in Jamaica and other countries. But Esther did not stop there, as during the COVID-19 lockdown, she introduced her Motivational Monday Power Thought newsletter series to her mentees and colleagues which she consistently penned for one year.

“I encourage participants in my growth groups and coaching sessions to become 21st-century lifelong learners. Teamwork is also encouraged, and partnerships formed with other stakeholders to empower members to walk boldly in their purpose. The possibilities are still being explored as to God’s vision for the group.”

There is no greater time than now for individuals to jump into purpose-driven action. VBD Magazine is excited to share our interview with the difference maker who gives from a cup that overflows as she empowers others to walk in purpose and live victoriously.


“My father was an avid reader and, I believe, a gifted author who never realized his dream. He was always writing on bits of paper. I saw those same qualities in myself—love for reading, researching, and writing on every paper I could get my hands on. When my father died without realizing that dream, I was determined to be intentional and not allow the seed of greatness to die in me. I realized now was the time to start making time for purpose instead of making excuses.

“I have a passion for God’s truth and there was also a great desire to push people into purpose. I was nicknamed the Purpose Pusher as I am always empowering the young adults around me that I see wandering from the path of truth due to their ignorance.

“Also, I participated in numerous national church competitions where I entered my poems and won. After engaging in deep research and not using half of the material, the Lord inspired me to create a word document to collate all the topics I had researched. I remember preaching on a topic about the seed which opened my eyes to the many truths hidden deep within it. The seed concept answered the many puzzling questions that I had, and others were asking about purpose. The most intriguing being that everything begins with a seed, and everything great begins with something small. A small seed, small idea, or a small step in the right direction. So it’s not about the destination, just focus on starting the journey.”


“Cultivating purpose is based on the understanding that everyone is packed with potential and there is a seed of greatness in all of us. We need to acknowledge that seed and make every effort to bring it to its full potential. Purpose is not something that you bump into or search for like a hidden treasure, it’s a seed that unlocks and that journey unfolds step by step, stage by stage like the seed cycle. We have a responsibility to take the necessary actions to expose our seed to the right elements for it to mature. We must also understand what is required of us at each stage of the journey so that our impatience with the waiting time does not sabotage our potential.”


Walking in purpose brings significance, value, and stability. Here are Esther’s suggestions regarding ways to find your purpose:

· Start the journey based on the revelation that there is a seed planted within you that someone is waiting on. We are sent here as a solution to a problem.

· Don’t see your purpose as a destination, see it as a journey and as you embark daily on that journey, you will see the unfolding of your purpose.

· There are 7 stages of purpose that are explored in Cultivating Purpose—potential, process, price, patience, pressure, passion, and perspective. Understanding these stages will provide a guide to finding your purpose.


Esther’s latest book, Truth 101: Let the Animals Teach You, the first of a trilogy, discusses 101 principles from 10 animals. The books focus on three 21st Century Topics—Survive, Soar and Succeed, where the focus is to equip individuals with the right principles to protect their purpose.

“I have always been inspired by nature and I believe mother nature is the greatest teacher of truth. Having found so much truth about purpose in the seed, my next mission was to explore the power of the mind, and the many battles people face daily because of not understanding how their brain works. However, I did not have the confidence to launch out in that topic seeing that I did not study neuroscience. The Lord led me into the study of the animals, like the ant, the lion, and the eagle who represented the focus and discipline required to navigate the various challenges of life.

“When the Lord led me to read Job 12:7, where it admonished us to ask the animals and they will teach us, that was an ‘Aha’ moment for me where I realized all the principles of life, including how the brain functions were clearly demonstrated by the animals I was studying. The Lord instructed me to study ten animals that the Bible uses as a reference point and to find ten key principles that those animals clearly epitomize.”


After reading Truth 101: Let the Animals Teach You, “I hope readers will understand the 21st century skills they need to survive, soar, and succeed in this time of change and uncertainties. The book is positioned as a coaching tool to equip and empower church groups and corporate teams with the solution to the challenges they will face in this era such as prioritization, adaptability, connectivity, co-creation and so many others.”


“I have learned the importance of being committed and consistent in my writing. Without commitment, you won’t start and without consistency you will not finish. Also, I know that you must love what you do to have the stamina to push through times of fatigue and discouragement. Don’t camp in complacency, don’t shortchange the process or your brand will not be well represented in terms of the quality work you produce.”


“My mission is to empower people with God’s, truth bringing back a biblical worldview to the challenges of this century. God’s word is still the solution to the myriads of problems that we face. My vision is to engage in a continual growth process, which I believe will lead to more truth, more revelation, more books, and more teachings. I intend to establish an academy where my books would be used as a coaching tool to change mindsets and inspire purpose. Therefore, I will continue to depend on the Holy Spirit to guide me in God’s truth and the wisdom and understanding to present this truth through practical and applicable ways.”

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