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Wade pens new Misty River novel full of heart and charm.

Turn to Me by Becky Wade is a contemporary romance novel, but it also has a mystery thread. “I consider myself a romance writer first and foremost,” says Becky. “So, on one hand, I didn't want the mystery to overshadow the love story. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoy driving the plot of my stories forward with a big story question. In Turn to Me the story question is, "What's waiting at the end of the treasure hunt?" I ended up using that question as the tie that binds Finley and Luke together long enough for them to fall in love.”

Through the experiences of your male protagonist, Luke Dempsey, this story engages themes of redemption and letting go of what is behind us. Can you elaborate on that?

Luke's younger brother died when he was fourteen and, ever since, he's blamed himself. His guilt and grief set him on a path of rebellious self-destruction until, eventually, he landed in prison. When Turn to Me begins, he's been out of prison for months and he's determined to make a new, clean start. The events of the novel give him both an opportunity to meet the God of redemption and to release the guilt that has strangled him for so long.

What lessons do you hope readers gain from reading Turn to Me?

The novel's theme verse is Isaiah 38:17 " love you have delivered my life from the pit of destruction, for you have cast all my sins behind your back." I hope readers are powerfully reminded that God has the power to deliver any life from destruction regardless of our past mistakes, our heartbreak, or our failings.

Becky Wade is a bestselling author of heart-pounding and faith-filled contemporary romance novels and the winner of the 2018 Christy Award Book of the Year. She's a native of California who married a Texan and now lives in Dallas with her husband and three children.

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