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VBD STAR POWER LIST: Author Tyora Moody

25 Amazing Authors & Their Must-Read Books

Tyora Moody, Award-winning Author & Entrepreneur

“I encourage writers to keep pressing forward whether it's your first book or your twenty-fifth book. If God placed a story inside of you to share, then be determined to share it in the most excellent way possible.”

Tyora Moody is the author of Soul-Searching Mysteries which includes cozy mystery, women sleuth mystery, and mystery romance under the Christian Fiction genre. Her books include the Eugeena Patterson Mysteries, Reed Family Series, Serena Manchester Mysteries, and the Victory Gospel Family Series.

“I have always loved to read, but it took me a while to realize I loved the art of writing a story. My first recollection of when I knew I loved to write came from an extra credit creative writing assignment I did during my sophomore year. I wrote a story and shared it with my classmates, and they all really liked it. The teacher gave me wonderful feedback as well. Interestingly, I still wouldn’t think about pursuing writing until I was in my thirties. I’ve been writing and publishing books for almost a decade now and I love diving into a new story with familiar and new characters.”

As a literary-focused entrepreneur, she has assisted countless authors via her company, Tywebbin Creations LLC since 1999. Popular services include book covers, book formatting, and virtual author assistant services. She writes the nonfiction series, The Literary Entrepreneur, under the pen name, Ty Moody.

“I never thought I would write fiction. I was more drawn to writing nonfiction. For several years I wrote bible studies, devotions and even designed a curriculum for vacation bible school. I think writing Christian fiction grew out of a love of writing and understanding that ministry takes place in a different form with a story versus a bible study lesson.

I specifically write mystery and suspense, so I place my characters under some extreme issues, like murder, and I use these experiences to draw out how a person leans on their faith during difficulties. I have dealt with a wide variety of relatable issues like grief, terminal illness, mental illness, and more.”

When Tyora isn’t writing or working for a literary client, she enjoys reading, spending time with family, binge-watching crime shows, catching a movie on the big screen, and traveling.

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