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VBD STAR POWER LIST: Author Candice "Ordered Steps" Johnson

9 Amazing Authors Who Are Editors

Candice "Ordered Steps" Johnson, Bestselling Author & Editor

“The first step to creating is realizing that you are good enough. Your concept, vision, ‘voice,’ – your gift deserves to be heard. Not compared, criticized, or picked apart. Your art is the unique blueprint God has given you to advance from the pit to the palace. Your gift is the coat of many colors people may envy, but don’t have the power to pillage. It's time to wear your ‘coat’ with pride.”

Candice "Ordered Steps" Johnson is a bestselling author, award-winning editor, playwright, filmmaker, and award-winning choreographer. In addition to choreographing the four-time Emmy winning Black Music and Civil Rights Movement Concert aired on CBS Television, Candice has been honored to share the stage with gospel legends such as The Clark Sisters, Fred Hammond, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Travis Greene, Jonathan McReynolds, JJ Hairston, John P. Kee, Jekayln Carr, Tasha Cobbs, and a host of others.

Candice is Path to Publishing's 2021 "Act Like An Author, Think Like A Business," Editor of the Year. Since then, there has been a fire in her pen that cannot be extinguished! Known for making words "dance" across the page, Candice's unique literary voice carries the soul of a poet, the jazz of a singer, and the creativity that transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. The former editorial assistant for the Associated Press doesn't just write and edit - she breathes life into words until they remain etched in the spirit long after the period punctuates the final sentence.

Her mission is to inspire, uplift, entertain and bring others to Christ through the arts, and always leave them thirsting for more of God!

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