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Strangers are Just Friends Waiting to Happen

We are in the wonderful month of December!

It's the month of Christmas and my wedding anniversary, so I definitely have a bias for December. But there's another reason I am happy we are here. It's the month of the in-between. One year is ending and the other is beginning. This makes it the best time to reflect and plan. So what are we reflecting on and planning for this time? Our relationships.

Rob McKuen says strangers are just friends waiting to happen. Do we agree with him?

Take a look at this photograph. How would you caption it? Your response might involve some kind of social distancing. Sadly, the pandemic drove us away from each other. It widened the gap that already existed between us. But let's make the new year different!

We can turn a stranger into a friend. Here's one method.

#1: Ask ourselves, "what are my interests?"

#2: Think about where we would find people who enjoy these interests.

#3: Go to these places. Join that online community, volunteer with that group, pay that membership.

#4: Introduce ourselves to someone. Use the common ground we share as a stepping stone for further interaction.

When we push ourselves in this way, we build invaluable interpersonal skills. These are golden in personal and professional spaces. They help us stay connected in a world that is slowly distancing.

Is there something we're passionate about? Do we sense our calling or purpose in a particular area? We should reach out to someone new in that area. We could meet our spouse, our best friend, our mentor, our child's babysitter, or an incredible person passing through our life for a season. I'm sure all our friends now started as strangers. So what are we waiting for?

Reflection Questions

  1. Did I meet any new persons this year?

  2. What did I share with them?

  3. What did I learn from them?

  4. Is there any relationship I can deepen in the new year?

  5. How open am I to making new friends?

Kerry-Ann McPherson

Project Manager & Contributor



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