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SOMETHING SPECIAL: The ordinary in the extraordinary

“I am nothing special.” That’s what we sometimes tell ourselves. After all, with the world’s population at approximately eight billion people, why should you believe that you have what it takes to do that thing that was never done before? Why should you believe that you can win that competition, start your own business, or be the first to graduate from university in your family? The answer to that is simple—why not you?

Each one of us has been created by God and given a special purpose that will aid in the advancement of His Kingdom. Our gifts, talents, resources, position, and even something as simple as our beauty, can be used by God for His ultimate plan. I know this all too well. I lost both parents when I was young and was raised by my older cousin, who later became my mentor and advisor.

Lessons from the story of Esther

When the king was looking for a new queen to replace the one he had banished, I, along with many other young virgins, were brought to the king’s palace. For twelve months, before seeing the king, we had to undergo special beauty treatments. Many women were brought before the king, yet I was chosen to be his queen. Was it luck? No, I don’t believe in that. I certainly had won the favor of many people around me, but it wasn't luck or chance. It was by God’s choice and His divine plan.

You see, what I didn’t know was that God was preparing a deliverance for His people and chose me to be a part of it. God is always up to something, and He is always looking for people who are willing and available to partake in what He is doing. For a while, I had forgotten this.

Years after becoming queen, my people were threatened with extermination and when my cousin asked me to intervene, I was afraid. Firstly, the king didn’t know that I was a Jew and exposing myself meant I could be killed. Secondly, the law at the time stated that if someone approached the king without being summoned, that person would be put to death if the king did not stretch forth his gold sceptre granting permission for them to approach. The king had not summoned me in thirty days.

My cousin, however, reminded me that if I didn’t assist, then the Lord would use someone else to aid in the deliverance of His people. He also helped me to see that my royal position and appointment as queen created the avenue for me to make a real impact. I decided that I would approach the king, even if it meant my death. For three days, my people and I fasted and when I approached the king, he allowed me to come to him. When I eventually told him what my concern was, he granted the Jews permission to protect and defend themselves if attacked and, in the end, my people were spared.

Don’t take your talents, resources, and position in life for granted because God may be preparing you for a mighty work. He can use all your experiences, even your pain and shame for good. It is important for you to self-examine and ensure that your plans and desires are in line with God’s, because if they are not, you may find yourself standing in the way of what God may be trying to do through you. As you walk in the will of God, be strong and courageous, for whatever He brings you to, He will walk through it with you. Therefore, walk in purpose, knowing that whatever life presents, with Jesus Christ, you will overcome it victoriously.

By Rose-Ann Durant

Freelance Writer

About Rose-Ann

Rose-Ann Durant is a young Christian from Kingston, Jamaica, who is currently living on the island of Barbados. She is an ardent reader who enjoys going to the beach and river, and spending time outdoors. She is also a writer for Christian Today, an online magazine based in Australia. Her love for the literary arena has birthed her first Christian fiction novel entitled Mercy Came Running, a story of a young woman’s journey of forgiveness and love, which is set to be released in 2022.

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