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No Retreat, No Surrender

The beginning of a new chapter, a new year, or even a new environment can be scary. This is because with the new comes a level of uncertainty and that uncertainty can lead to fear, anxiety, and even depression. On the other hand, however, new beginnings provide new opportunities, a clean slate to start again, another chance to get things right.

When it comes to new beginnings, we tend to set goals and try our best to achieve them. So often, as we create our resolutions, we visualize how we will accomplish them, the changes that will need to take place, and the sacrifices that we will need to make in order to succeed. It is important however that as we embark on our journey to the Land of New to not forget who we are, nor the God we serve and what He demands of us.

Sometimes when we are presented with opportunities, especially when in a new environment where we want to fit in and please those around us, we may be tempted to abandon our values and core beliefs and take on that of those around us, if even for a little while. However, as we launch into the new year, with our goals and aspirations in mind, I implore you to do so while keeping these two points at the forefront of your hearts.

Don’t compromise God’s standards.

When the Jews were taken captive by the Babylonians, I was one of the young men chosen to serve in the king’s palace. We went through a training period and during that time we were assigned food and wine straight from the king’s table. Sounds good, right? The major issue was that if I partake of that food, I would become unclean and defile myself before my God. My friends and I convinced the chief official to allow us to eat based on what was accepted by our Jewish dietary laws and after 10 days he could compare us with the other trainees and treat us according to the results. After 10 days, we were stronger and healthier than all the other males and were allowed to continue our diet.

You see, we were taken away from our homes and brought to a foreign land. We no longer had to keep the Jewish law. Like the other Jewish men, I could indulge in the king’s delicacies but chose not to. We chose instead to honor God by obeying His laws rather than the commands of man. I urge you to do the same: Decide in your heart and mind to obey the laws of God rather than man and not to participate in any activity that operates contrary to the Word of God. In the end God honored us for our obedience and gifted us with knowledge and understanding. He will honor you too.

Stand firm.

When you live your life to honor God, opposition can arise, and this I know all too well. I found favour in the king’s eyes, and he wanted to elevate me as overseer for the entire kingdom, but other men were not pleased. They set about to find something that would prove me unfit to lead—they tried to question my character and damage my reputation but could find nothing, so they used my relationship with God.

Knowing how devoted I was to my God, they got the king to order a decree that anyone one who prayed to any other god or man except the king for thirty days will be thrown into the lion’s den. I could not pray to another god, so I continued to pray to my God three times a day and thrown into the lion’s den. Just when those men thought they got rid of me, my God sent angels to shut the mouths of the lions and I was not harmed.

The victory is yours.

Friends, as you make progress throughout the year, keep God close. Honor Him above all else and don’t allow others to cause you to compromise your faith in Him and walk in disobedience because of fear. God did not give us a Spirit of fear, so with boldness in the Lord walk into all that He has called you into, knowing that whatever comes the victory is yours.

By Rose-Ann Durant

Freelance Writer

About Rose-Ann

Rose-Ann Durant is a young Christian from Kingston, Jamaica, who is currently living on the island of Barbados. She is an ardent reader who enjoys going to the beach and river, and spending time outdoors. She is also a writer for Christian Today, an online magazine based in Australia. Her love for the literary arena has birthed her first Christian fiction novel entitled Mercy Came Running, a story of a young woman’s journey of forgiveness and love, which is set to be released in 2022.

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