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Me? Need Help? Nah.

So you’ve been praying for God to reveal why you’re here, and what’s your purpose.

Excitedly, you see that the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and you’re getting greater clarity. As you transition to this phase of your life journey, you become acutely aware that you cannot do it alone. In other words, we need each other to fulfill our purpose otherwise we will burn out quite quickly. Well, what do we do now? Keep reading to find out two things we can do.

This is my first recommendation to you: PRAY. This is the first place to seek help. If your Heavenly Father planted this vision in your heart, He will provide the help to bring it to pass for His glory. Pray about the kind of help you need and ask for His guidance on what needs to be done. He will send different people in different seasons to accomplish different activities. He did it for Moses, Esther, Elijah, Paul and even Jesus. (For more on this idea, check out my magazine article on the surprising power of one to get a different perspective on networking.)

My second recommendation is this: write a brief and clear one-page job description for the help you need. For example, would you need someone to help you manage a social media page? What exactly would you want the person to do? What information does the person need to have? Do you need a street team to help you launch a book? What exactly would you want them to do? Do you need someone to help you iron clothes to give you extra time? How many days of the week would the individual work for? Assess your current season and don’t be afraid to ask for help—whether you have the money to pay them or not. Write that job description in faith, prepare yourself to receive, trusting that God will come through for you.

The vision God has for your life was never meant to be accomplished alone. That’s why we are the body of Christ and not the eye or elbow of Christ.

So next time you’re wondering to yourself…Me? Need help? I hope your answer is yes!

Reflection Questions

  1. What is preventing me from asking for help in this season?

  2. What kind of help do I need right now?

  3. How can I make strategic financial decisions to help me compensate someone in this season or the next?

Kerry-Ann McPherson

Project Manager & Managing Editor, VBD Magazine


Unknown member
Apr 06, 2022

Love this article. Too often we do not ask for help for fear of being seen as weak. Gives a lot of food for thought.

Unknown member
Apr 07, 2022
Replying to

Whoever came up with this acronym was spot on 🙂



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