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How Would You Craft Your Life Story?

Part 7 of 7

We made it to the end of our literary and empowerment journey together! We had such a great time learning about the elements of a storybrand which helped us both become better fiction writers and gave us insights into living meaningful and fulfilled lives, found in Jesus Christ, our guide. As we know by now, the story is not over until we reach our destination and our destination is any kind of success or fulfilment of purpose. According to the storybrand principle by Donald Miller, when the character follows the guide's plan and call to action, he/she will ultimately be successful (overcome the problem and fulfil the need). Today, we will explore what that success looks like.

The Character's Life Ends in a Success

As the writer of your fiction story, you weave all the elements together to bring your character's life to a successful close - his/her needs are met, the problems are overcome and the guide plays his/her part to bring about the success. We need to determine what success will look like for our characters, based on their family background, physiological and psychological make-up, national identity, beliefs and aspirations. Here are some suggestions: they can win some kind of power or position (to fulfil the need for status), grow in self-acceptance (to fulfil the need for esteem) or become a part of a larger movement or group (to fulfil their need for belonging). Always remember to connect with your readers at the point of a need in which they can relate, and end your story with your character's need in focus, but this time, met.

Our Life Ends in a Success with Jesus Christ

As we search for meaning and purpose and as we wrestle with the questions of our origin, our identity, our destiny and our purpose, we do not have to unfold this mystery on our own. Our guide offers us eternal life and the answers to our most burning questions about life, but to get there, He asks us to sacrifice, submit to God's will for our lives and follow His example. If we do so, we will avoid the failure of an empty and meaningless life. We will discover that we are made in God's image, we are children of God, we were called to be loved by God and to love Him in return and we have a calling that is uniquely ours to walk in. Jesus Christ said in John 10:10, that He came so that we might have life, and have it more abundantly. He also told us in John 3:16, "For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life." When we choose Jesus Christ, our life ends in a success.

How will you craft your life story?

By Kerry-Ann McPherson

Project Manager & Contributor



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