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A Podcast on Godly Dating, Relationships, and Marriage

Cultivating and sustaining a relationship can be a challenging endeavor. In the midst of life’s hustle and bustle, many seek guidance on how to build and maintain relationships that honor God. That’s why we’re excited to announce the return of Dr. Velma Talks, a podcast dedicated to godly dating, relationships and marriage. Hosted by Dr. Velma Bagby, this series delves deeply into the core of godly relationships and marriage, offering invaluable insights and support.



Dr. Velma is a Christian dating-relationship coach, speaker, bestselling and award-wining author, and ordained minister. With over 30 years of involvement in ministry and relationship counseling, Dr. Bagby brings a wealth of knowledge and a heart for helping others practice godly dating habits and build strong, God-centered relationships. Inspired by personal experiences and a desire to see others thrive, Dr. Bagby is reestablishing this podcast to share insights and wisdom gleaned over the years.



Concept: Dr. Velma Talks is a weekly podcast dedicated to exploring the foundations of Christian dating, relationships and marriage. It blends Biblical teachings with real-life experiences to offer practical advice and spiritual encouragement. The mission is to help singles who are seeking a godly marriage, and couples who are navigating the complexities of relationships through faith-based principles. 

Content: Each episode covers a range of topics crucial to fostering godly relationships, in godly dating and in marriage. Because preparation for marriage begins before a person walks down the aisle. It’s important to help women become the right mate to attract the right mate. She is passionate about helping those single by sharing new strategies to discover their godly mates. Some of her episodes will include:


  • The BTL of their Husband-to-Be Prayer List – Build, Believe and Become the List.

  • How Not to Date a Fool – God gives over 200 scriptures warning of fools & foolish behavior as our guide.

  • Understanding the Love Tiers: God, You, then Others.

  • Lay Aside the Weight of old hurts, brokenness, and past mistakes.

  • Invite God In.

  • The New Wise Counsel – when a father is absent.

  • The 40-Day Rule: 40 is the number for tests/trials. How to use it in dating.

  • Looking for the Right CATCH, someone with:

C – Christlike Characteristics

A – at

T – The

C- Core of his

H – Heart 

Further, marriages will benefit from “Marriage Moments,” a discussion series covering essential topics such as communication, roles in the home, conflict resolution, faith in marriage, loving your spouse, knowing your real enemy, and more.

  • Communication: Learn effective ways to communicate with your partner, grounded in Biblical principles.

  • Roles in the Home: Understand and apply God's command, summarized as LCW – Leave, Cleave, and Weave.

  • Conflict Resolution: Identify your true adversary and develop strategies to resolve conflicts before the day ends, including showing grace, practicing forgiveness, and more.

  • Faith in Marriage: Gain tips for keeping God at the center of your marriage and growing together spiritually.

  • Loving Your Spouse: Explore practical ways to express love and deepen your emotional connection.

  • Knowing Your Real Enemy: Recognize the true challenges that can undermine your marriage and learn how to address them effectively.



The episodes initially will only feature 15-minute weekly segments as she addresses some of the topics above and more. As time progresses, she will add guests, for example real-life couples. Additionally, solo commentary episodes dive deep into specific topics, offering listeners practical advice and spiritual encouragement.



Dr. Velma Talks aims to provide listeners with actionable insights and spiritual guidance to strengthen their journey of dating, relationships and marriages. By tuning in, you’ll gain practical tools and Biblical wisdom to build a relationship that not only survives but thrives, honoring God in every aspect.


As a special offer for VBD Magazine readers, we’re releasing an exclusive bonus episode titled “Starting Your Journey: The First Step to preparing for a godly Marriage Before Saying I Do.” This episode is available for a limited time. On July 15, 2024, visit and click Subscribe to listen.


Join us on this journey by subscribing to Dr. Velma Talks on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts, YouTube. Visit for more details, show notes, and additional resources. We invite you to be a part of the Dr. Velma Talks community by subscribing here: Let’s build stronger, God-centered dating habits and marriages together.

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