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Be Kind To Yourself

Welcome to the April issue of VBD Magazine, designed especially for you. It’s all about your health and wellness. We crafted a one-stop shop that provides a wealth of resources to help you stay healthy. All this as we celebrate the monumental achievements of our medical community and foster discussions that will help you thrive in mind, body, and spirit.⁠

I’m blown away by the knowledge and personal insights that our medical professionals are willing to share with you. You’ll love getting to know Dr. Dwaine Cooke, Consultant Neurosurgeon, who is providing the roadmap to a neurosurgical career. Check out our Star Power List of influential physicians and their specialties. And you don’t want to miss the 2022 spring and summer fiction releases from Revell and Bethany House Publishers.

We want to help you live better, so we have identified ways to feed your soul and nurture your wellbeing. Remember, any lifestyle change takes time so begin by setting goals that are easy to add to your daily life. As you strive to make healthy choices in all areas of your life, be kind to yourself. We all go through challenges that push us in ways we didn’t expect. Whatever the situation you’re facing, my prayer is that you will get the help you need.

Thank you for reading this issue. Stay safe, stay connected, stay healthy, and as always, stay victorious.

Ann Marie Bryan


VBD Magazine

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