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by Stephenia H. McGee

One Woman’s Fight for Her Rightful Place

In The Secrets of Emberwild, a young woman struggles against the confines of her time and is determined to train and race her prized colt. In so doing, she believes she can save her beloved family farm. When a new trainer arrives and starts asking questions, Nora Fenton realizes that the secrets holding her world together are starting to fray.

“I have always loved horses and actually hold a degree in equine science. I always wanted to write a character that uses the natural horsemanship training methods I learned in college. Nora is a feisty enough heroine to handle a wild colt, so the two fit perfectly together.

“I hope readers will be inspired by Nora’s determination, strength, and faith. Many times life doesn’t work out the way we expect, but with prayer and fortitude we can keep reaching past the obstacles to achieve our dreams.”

Praise for The Secrets of Emberwild

“A spirited woman ahead of her time makes this well-paced novel in an extraordinary setting shine. Rife with suspense and romance, The Secrets of Emberwild is as much history as mystery—and a horse lover’s dream!” —Laura Frantz, Christy Award-winning author of A Heart Adrift

“Stephenia H. McGee is a master at writing Southern charm and historic detail, and she’s outdone herself with The Secrets of Emberwild. This fascinating story draws you in with characters who come alive from their first step onto the page. McGee’s clear knowledge of horsemanship shines throughout. This is one for the keeper shelf!” —Misty M. Beller, USA Today bestselling author of the Brides of Laurent series

Stephenia H. McGee is the award-winning author of many stories of faith, hope, and healing set in the Deep South. When she’s not reading or sipping sweet tea on the front porch, she’s a writer, dreamer, husband spoiler, and busy mom of two rambunctious boys.

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