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AUTHOR SEAN D. YOUNG: Sweet & Spicy Romantic Fiction

“Even when you want to quit, keep writing. Believe in yourself so much that when you want to quit, you can’t.”

Contemporary Romance Author Sean D. Young, a native of Gary, Indiana, uses her vivid imagination to craft heartwarming and passionate love stories that deal with family, forgiveness, promise, romance, and redemption.

Her debut novel Total Bliss was published in 2005. At an early age, Sean found that she loved words and tried to read everything she could get her hands on. She joined her first book club “Sweet Pickles” at the age of 7. Writing would come later, when she wrote short stories for her own enjoyment, and then she wrote the Easter play for the youth at her church at the age of 12.

Sean, a graphic and web designer, loves building websites and graphics almost as much as she loves writing her stories. She enjoys working in her church and lives in Northwest Indiana with her family.


If you’re looking for sweet small town love stories and spicy contemporary romance, check out Sean’s latest release, Secrets from the Heart (Clover Creek Book 2).

The Blurb

Taking over her family’s charming and historic Red Rose Inn is a dream for Kira Davis—even if it means the extra stress of knowing the entire Davis clan is watching her every move. But ignoring her family’s wishes and hiring too-handsome Franklin Bennett as her temporary new manager might be a huge mistake… given their families’ decades-long feud.

Yet attraction still sparks between them, proving to ex–army engineer Franklin there’s something real beneath the surface. Something hopeful. Something unmistakable. But pursuing Kira could prove dangerous for a man with an uncertain future.

Now Kira and Franklin are caught between an ancient family feud and their feelings for each other. The only way they can love each other is by unraveling the terrible truth about what happened back then… and hope that love is strong enough to mend the break from so long ago.

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