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A Love So Rare

Lying in bed on a cold winter’s day,

Asking God’s blessings for good health today.

The ring of the telephone attracts my attention … ringing out loud.

I have love from a distance and

It is perfect from this day on.

This love recognizes no barriers,

It is affectionate, consistent, dedicated,

Irreplaceable, loyal, mature, and passionate.

This love will jump hurdles, leap fences,

Penetrate walls, to arrive at its destination

Full of confidence and sincerity.

My heart feels happy

My heart feels glad

Because in a soul union of love

It lasts a lifetime.

By Beverlyn Johnson

Wellness Consultant & Style Editor

About Beverlyn

Beverlyn Johnson is the Wellness Consultant and Style Editor for Victorious By Design. Over the past thirty years, she worked first as a Registered Nurse and subsequently entered the area of Nursing Management in the healthcare industry. Her compassionate behavior is not only reflected in her profession but also in her everyday interactions with family, friends, and others. Through the years, she has written a diary filled with many inspirational and love poems, which she often shares with family and friends. Beverlyn has a special love for interior decorating and on the weekends can be found honing her creative skills.



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