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A Love Deep Within

In what words can I describe this phenomenon – this gift called life?

And what meaning, yes!

What meaning shall I give it without You by my side?

Oh the days I sat by the sea –

the sea of pain,

and swished my feet hopelessly in its waters.

And indeed my days became numbered;

numbered with a tragic end….

But here,

here I sit with my feet dry,

dried from my days of pain,

all my hurt wiped away.

Indeed I can say,

You are the magic in my life.

That sweet thing called love-

the giver of my faith,

my peace.

Indeed I shall be with You all my days,

and cherish Your love for me.

For indeed there is no love greater than the one you give.

You are my heart beat.

By Shauna-Kay Harrison

Content Editor & Contributor

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Unknown member
Jul 10, 2021

Beautifully said.



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