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Shaniece M. Wise

Business Expansion Strategist & CEO, Wise, Armstrong & Associates 

Navigating the path to expansion requires more than just ambition—it demands strategic foresight, innovative thinking, and a keen understanding of the intricate challenges that accompany growth. For a partnership where your aspirations intersect with practical strategies, meet Shaniece M. Wise, a Business Expansion Coach & Strategist.


Shaniece M. Wise has proven herself in almost every digital marketing and business consulting space. Shaniece is a certified business expansion coach, prominent national speaker, and best-selling author, who has managed to build an entire community of successful business owners, and she is on a steady rise to the top! Shaniece is Founder and CEO of Wise, Armstrong and Associates, LLC, a business coaching consulting firm that specializes in helping business owners extend well beyond six figures.


Her experience speaks for itself: all her clients average 60 - 200% business growth within 12 - 24 months of operation. She uses her expertise to help clients gain visibility, increase revenue profitability, and improve systems and strategies and she is backed by spiritual and biblical principles which puts her in a niche of her own. Shaniece is continuing to leverage current and potential client relationships by constantly building, enhancing, and through a strong passion for helping others.

Shaniece was born and raised in the inner city of Columbus, Ohio to Charles and Jacqueline Wise, two parents that ignited Shaniece’s humble spirit and budding work ethic, alongside her younger brother Chad. Shaniece matriculated and then graduated in the top 2% of her class from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. She graduated with two business degrees, one in Marketing and the other in Transportation and Logistics. She soon would have her first moment of tragedy at the tender age of 27 through the loss of her father. This moment would unknowingly become the spark that would ignite a fire in Shaniece. Shaniece realized her father passed away without utilizing his God-given gifts, and this realization would lead her to writing her book, Activating Your Gifts: 2nd Edition - 15 Steps to Identify Your Gifts to Prepare for Entrepreneurship. Shaniece is now married to her husband Stafford, and is a mom of two boys, Brandon Charles and Xavier Charles.


Shaniece gained her first taste of success while working as sales director, bringing in over $500,000 in retail sales within one year. While these were amazing milestones, Shaniece felt restricted by the clientele limitations, so she formally retired. In 2008, she was inspired to build her own coaching and consulting firm, the spark that ignited the creation of Wise, Armstrong and Associates, LLC.

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