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Strength In Numbers

I want to share an awesome story I heard recently while attending a church service.

I have never thought much about the sequoia tree and only became aware of the name because of the Toyota model of the same name. As told, the sequoia tree can survive for up 2000 years. It grows to over 300 ft high and stretches over 100 ft wide.

You would think then that its roots run incredibly deep, right? Wrong.

Their roots only grow to about 4ft deep! As I listened intently to this little science lesson, I began to wonder how this was even possible. I was even more bemused as to how these massive trees held strong and mightily all those years through hurricanes, tornadoes and a myriad of other natural and or man-made disasters.

It’s a rather simple explanation.

The sequoias never grow in isolation, they grow in clusters!

Their strength comes from their attachment to each other. Though only 4 feet deep, their roots grow horizontal and attach themselves to each other forming a strong link. Can you imagine our spiritual strength if we learn to cleave to each other like the sequoia trees? If we pray, love and grow together in Christ?

Holding on to each other require dispelling pride.

To hold on to each other, we must be willing to share our trials with our inner circle of friends; so, it is important to surround ourselves with strong women and men of God so that in our most difficult moments we can cling to each other without doubt or fear. Instead, we know that there is a mountain of Godly people praying for us.

In times of distress, when the storms of life are raging, this is where our greatest triumph lies – when we lean on each other.

The devil has a harder battle when the link is strong. The enemy is only as strong as the weakest link so when the weakest link is surrounded by the stronger ones with constant offering of prayer, supplication and warring in the spirit, the distressed will then find solace, peace and comfort while waiting on God. God taught us this when he lovingly reminded us in St. Matthew 18:20 (KJV), “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

There will always be strength in numbers.

Paula Hamilton

Copy Editor & Contributor



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