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SNEAKY DEHYDRATION: You could be dehydrated and not know it

Dehydration can range from mild to severe and it affects the homeostasis of your body. Dehydration can be recognized many times because it could be accompanied by thirst that is not relieved by drinking water. This can be caused by medications, too much caffeine, salt, garlic, or soy sauce, excessive alcohol, dry climate, and high altitudes. Certain medications like Metformin can also be implicated.


At times, you only need to make sure you’ve had sufficient water intake. If you know you have had sufficient water and you are still feeling thirsty, you may be suffering from some form of dehydration. Dehydration can be dangerous and can lead to a heart attack, cause you to pass out, and could even cause death.

An article by Consumer Reports published in the Washington Post on August 13, 2017, states, “A lack of sufficient fluid in the body can temporarily cause confusion and put you at risk for falls. When severe, dehydration can lead to a rapid or irregular heart rate, low blood pressure, fainting, and even death. ’How much water you have affects every body system,’ says Jodi Stookey, an epidemiologist in San Francisco.”


Here is a simple hydration mix you can make almost anywhere:

In a 12-ounce glass of water add a pinch of salt, about a ¼ teaspoon. This mixture should taste like tears, so slightly salty. To this add about 1 teaspoon of sugar or any sweetener. Drink and notice how your thirst is relieved almost immediately.


This is a simple mixture that I used to save my mother’s life, literally. I jumped into action as soon as I had arrived at her home on a late evening flight. My mother is a diabetic and was suffering from severe dehydration, due in part to some medications. She was feeling extremely thirsty and was drinking a lot of water which was further diluting all the minerals in her body.

When I saw my mother, my heart sank into the bottom of my stomach, but I forced myself to maintain a joyful and positive attitude. My mother had signs of severe dehydration. She looked totally dried up and had these jerky, spastic movements, cracked lips, and ashy skin.

I made sure that Mama drank approximately 64 ounces of my homemade hydration mixture each day to hasten her recovery. In addition, I started relating family stories that I know would be amusing to my mother. The saying “Laughter is the best medicine,” has been attributed to Henri Mondeville, a 1300s professor of surgery who used post-operative humor therapy to help his patients’ recovery. So next time you are dealing with a sick loved one, try injecting them with a little humor.

Healing has a lot to do with our mental and emotional state. Although well-meaning, the last thing a sick person needs is your tears and mournful sighs. Instead, shower a sick person with love and cover him/her with hope and little laughter.

Thankfully, Mama started to feel better immediately and by the third day she was almost fully recovered. The spastic jerky movements were almost gone, and the excessive thirst, dry lips, and ashy skin were all gone.

I sometimes become dehydrated from coffee or eating or traveling to a place with high altitude. I recognize it as dehydration because my thirst is not relieved by drinking water, and my throat feels a bit dry. You already guessed! I drink a glass of sugar, salt, and water. This solution usually makes me feel more alert and takes away that excessive thirst.


Damaris Nightingale is the founder of Scented Potions and Di Nightingale Perfume Elixirs. She has a passion and unusual ability to discover helpful and preventive solutions and natural remedies to help people feel alive while they are living.

An herbalist and natural perfumer alchemist, Damaris is passionate about using natural aromatic materials to heal body, mind, and soul. She specializes in the sense of smell, and she is zealous about empowering men and women to know their personalized scent DNA. She’s known for being pulled aside and asked if she has a special anti-aging lotion, or if she could produce a special fragrance for a love interest or advice on how best to weather these times.

If you stopped by her apothecary, tucked away in Hallandale, Florida, you would often find her in the lab mixing something heavenly—beautiful fragrances and silky textures. Her apothecary is that feminine blend of store front, social center, and 24-hour therapy session all rolled into one!

All her skin care products, perfumes and health potions are beautifully handmade, 100% organic, and healthy. In everything she does, she works ardently to reduce her carbon footprint, making her products safe for humanity and the environment.

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