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How to Find Success in Life

An Interview with Ann Marie Bryan, Founder & CEO, Victorious By Design

What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

Success means something different to everyone. Consequently, my advice would be to define success, and then determine the best way to work purposefully towards achieving it. Be clear and specific about your goal so you can identify workable ways to fulfill it. Create an action plan and do something every day to move you toward your goal. Do research to obtain information on how you can best leverage your knowledge and abilities to fulfill your goal. Benchmark against the best in the area of your goal, nevertheless, be a trend setter. Do not be afraid to break new ground. Don’t be overwhelmed by your lack of knowledge about a particular area of your goal. Select a person or organization to approach, who you believe has the knowledge or ability to help you succeed. Importantly, resolve in advance that you will pursue your goal until you succeed.

What's your advice?



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