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Embracing Change: A Lesson from the Trees

“I embrace change like trees embrace the seasons.

My roots and trunk remain--my values and who I am.

But there are lesser things in my life

that shed naturally.

This happens to make room for the new.

Oh tree, thank you for teaching me how to embrace change.”

- What the Trees Teach Me by Kerry-Ann S. McPherson

I think that trees have brave souls.

They face the deadening of autumn. They steel themselves against the relentless winter with a resolute stance.

Have you ever beheld a bare tree that bends?

Maybe they know their leaves must go at some point.

Do we know what our leaves are?

Leaves can be beliefs, perceptions, behaviors and even relationships that temporarily serve us, but are not meant to journey with us through our entire lives. At times, problems and unexpected disasters come to strengthen our core and shake our leaves off. If there are leaves in our lives that we treat like branches and trunks, we might confuse our greatest opportunity for growth for our worst defeat.

But we do not have to despair. Learn the lesson from the trees.

It is more important for us to know our values and who we are. When we do, we will clearly discern what is permanent regardless of the changes that come.

The trees have discerned.

A bare tree still stands because its true core makes room for new leaves. It is victorious by design.

So are you, and so much more.

By Kerry-Ann McPherson

Project Manager & Contributor



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