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DR. AUSTIN WENDELL: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

From building Functional Medicine practices and participating in fitness competitions to serving alongside his wife’s nonprofit, Dr. Austin Wendell is the epitome of health and wellness. One may say that Dr. Wendell is a pioneer in preventative medicine. Join VBD Magazine as we explore how Dr. Wendell is determined to change the landscape of healthcare.


Dr. Wendell is the Founder of Vario Health a holistically integrated health center located in Frisco, Texas. Professionally trained as a chiropractor, Dr. Wendell specializes in Functional Medicine. His practice is managed with the concept of personalized lifestyle medicine. “Health and wellness is simply a journey to a better version of yourself,” says Dr. Wendell.

Most of Dr. Wendell’s time is spent working with and educating patients on not just fixing issues, but on living a long vibrant life. He prides himself in building long term relationships with patients based on his dedication to guiding patients to use their body to heal their body. His desire to treat conditions in a non-traditional manner stemmed from his parents and sisters dealing with autoimmune thyroid issues. Although his family was being treated by their own physicians, they continued to experience symptoms that did not result in feeling their normal self. This sparked a desire for Dr. Wendell to help both his family and his patients to live their best life.


Dr. Wendell and his team of highly specialized physicians provide patient centered custom treatment plans. When asked how Vario Health is different from a traditional primary care office, Dr. Wendell shared his out of the box testing and treatment protocols. In addition to providing Chiropractic care, Vario Health provides IV Vitamin Therapy, massage therapy, hormone therapy, and advanced testing. Imagine having custom vitamin supplements based on your individual deficiencies. Imagine having a personal trainer customizing a weight management program based on your personalized fitness goals. Imagine treating inflammation throughout the body without prescribed medication. Imagine receiving massage therapy services as a part of your treatment protocol. Dr. Wendell and his team have diligently built relationships with insurance companies to ensure most services are covered through a patient’s plan benefits.



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